It’s in the small things

{This post was supposed to go viral like weeks ago!  But, I”m posting it now’ outdated that it might be.  I decided I wanted it posted for my memories}


Nothing was particularly different or wow-ing when my day started out at 4:45am.  I pacified Gavin with his nippy  until 5am.  Wish he could make it until 6 or better yet 7am!  But, so far, at 2 months, he sleeps 7 hrs through the night.  Which I am quite pleased with and yet I’m waiting for the day when we get to 8 or 9hrs.  I believe it can be done.  Am I a naive mom?  Well, I guess all babies are different.  He may or he may not surpass 7 hrs.  And, I will keep on loving him no matter how many hrs he sleeps and how many hrs I [not] sleep.

You have bewitched me body and soul

IMG_0775 - Version 2

I had a birthday.  Yeah, you know what those are like.  When you’re a kid, you live for ‘um.  Presents, parties, family and friends get together all because of you.  Cakes and candles.  Laugher and lollipops. Smiles and secrets.  Even when you’re a teen it’s anticipated.  Anther year older.  16, drivers licenses.  18, growing up and making money.  And then you turn 21 and the world is unleashed before you.

Dreams work their way to reality or just get bigger.  Every year that soars by collects memories and moments.  And somewhere in there, perhaps, like for me, it’s those tough teen years when you experience reality and stunning shock, like an unexpected blast of frigid cold air right in your face.  The weight of responsibility and what all it means to be an adult- land, plop! right in your lap.  Then, those birthdays could slow down, you moan.  To exactly- not speed up.  I haven’t figured it out yet, but for some reason after marriage and then a baby, time seems to accelerate like never before.

God’s plan for your life far exceed the circumstances of your day

An online journal.  Yes, please.  Feel free to trail along on my birth re-celebrated day’s happenings.

A collected moments.

Jason had made coffee for me, as (mostly) usual, so when I drug myself out of bed at 8am, I was pleasantly pleased to fill my mug without wait.  Then I saw it.  Jason’s notorious for doing this.  He makes me simple, non elaberate cards.  The red marketed words reached around  my heart.  The birthday wishes were ever so sweet and sincere.  I love those cards more and more.  He is the icing on my cupcake.

Gavin slept for a whole 3 hrs this morning.  It gave me time to lazily clean up, do some laundry and enjoy my coffee on the couch.

Coffee in hand, big girl panties pulled up, sparkle in my eye and a smile on my face….. yup, I’d say I’m ready for the day….. bring it on!!!

It also allowed for a dear guest and friend to stop in and honor me with a unsuspected gift.  It’s the small, simple things (and, honestly, sometimes scary if we allow ourselves to do – kinda things) in life that are felt with the heart and mean the most.

A spontaneous lunch at home with the hubs.  Which, he totally spoiled me and made the food.  Yes, it was heating up left-overs but he went to the bother of cutting up carrots to go with it.  Now, wasn’t that going the extra mile?  For something sweet, I pulled out newly discovered bars from the freezer and mentioned coffee would go great with these.  Next thing I know, Jason’s handing me a cup of steamy brew and a oatmeal bar and kissing me good-bye.  Yes, it’s in the small things.

My favorite place is inside your hug

I remember as a kid, we used to race to the mailbox.  It wasn’t like we always got stuff in the mail; hardly ever actually!  But, the thrill, slash, mystery of what awaits inside that box, what a buzz!  I don’t run to the mailbox anymore, (believe what you want!) but after his truck pulls away, my heart beats just a ittsy, dittsy bit faster.  I’m such a kid at heart.  I STILL love getting cards in the mail.  I love getting the mail.  Period.  Ok, there was one card in there.  And so far it’s been my favoritest ever, Ever, EVER card YET in all history.  🙂  Hands down.

have the courage to follow your heart & intuition.  they somehow already know what you truly want to become.

Who doesn’t love checking facebook every five minutes on your birthday?  And hearing your mobile dinging more then the norm?  And who doesn’t like surprise phone calls?  Yup, it’s just simply those little things.

Piglet: “How do you spell love?”

Pooh: “You don’t spell it, you feel it.”

Jason arranged a baby sitter for the evening and he took me out to eat not far from home.  On the drive to the restaurant, it felt like the ‘old days’.  Just me and Jason.  Going out to eat.  Just us.  Sitting at our table a short time later, I begged Jason to talk to me to keep my mind off of Gavin and how he’s doing.  Determined not to be over hovering parent and check in with the sitters every 5 min, I managed not to call once the entire night out.  Jason, was so kind to remind me that if they were having problems, they would call.  Duh.  Is he smart of what?…

A sad reality when we picked Gavin up – he didn’t even cry when he saw me.  He didn’t ever whimper to be with mommy.  I was expecting, maybe hoping, he’d give me a pouchy lip and that low sad cry of his.  But, nope.  Nadda!  He just laid on Ruth’s lap looking relaxed and drowsy.  Like- “I’m fine right here, momma.  Thank you.”  Never the less, it felt sooo good to hold him again after 3 hrs!

In French, you don’t say “I miss you”.  You say “tu me manques”  – which means, “you are missing from me.”  I love that…



4 thoughts on “It’s in the small things

  1. You have a smart husband. He knows his sister well. 🙂 So glad you had a good b-day. So glad I got to spend some days with you. I’m missing you already. At work today, I kept thinking about the fact that I was actually with you, just yesterday morning. It feels so far away already. Christmas come quickly.


    1. It does feel far away. It definitely wasn’t long enough. I wish I had some place to go today- Gavin didn’t want to sleep in his bed. He just wants to be held. And last night during his grumpy time I took him outside and it shut him up right away. It was like he wanted to be outside! I told him today I’ll take him out again tonight. But I think these past two days he’s missing his car seat, traveling and sunshine!
      Anyway, ever since ‘yous’ left I’ve been thinking of things to say to add to past conversations… I guess with Gavin on my mind I didn’t talk as much? and now that your gone I have things I wanna say!! Oh well. Til Christmas, I suppose…


  2. 😉 this post made me smile as I read the words of delight, joy, love, life, children, b-days, coffee, round pictures( love that part) gifts, hugs, mail, ect. You are loved by me, T. Loved hearing the nuggets in your days so many miles away. (Hugs)


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