What is the point?

I have come to this point.  A what is the point, point.

Something is missing.  I can’t seem to find it.  Maybe if I knew what I was looking for looked like – it would help.

Yea, I am having a blog identity crisis.

I like to write and love blogging.  I wish I had time to blog more and had more inspiration for blog posts.  Somedays my life feels very uninspiring and very dead-endish.  Like I am in a rut.  Non writing rut.  Driving around the same block dozens of times rut.  Not getting out of my head, much less, pj’s, rut.  You know, RUT!

Why do I write?  What is my blog about?  I feel like if I knew why I even write then I would know what to write and I’d write more.

What message do I want to get across?  Who even is my audience?

Sometimes I try to write what others write about.  Reading their blogs, I want what they (YOU!) have: yummy looking food, funny/interesting spouse relationship stories, nifty DIY pics around the house, fun travels, adorable baby shots, and even super cute clothes!  But what does Jolynn like to write about?

Some of you may already know that I’m not a photographer.  If I post pics they usually are from my darling, talented husband.  He has the eye.  A blog I like to read is one peppered with pictures.  I soak up your pics on your blog or Facebook or where ever.    Likewise, I try to add pics to mine.  🙂

I don’t want to come across as annoying as the dog barking his head off down the road.  After all, who doesn’t want lots of traffic and comments?  But, a ‘yapping’ blog ain’t gonna get it.  Pardon the grammar.

Who wants a yapper, when they could have me?  Whoever >me< is.

I’m about to do something scary.  I haven’t brushed my teeth or washed my face yet.  So, this definitely feels like a not wide-awake move!    It’s so scary it sounds like yapping to me.


Questions to hopefully discover what the missing point looks like:

What I want or wish for with my blog (in no particular order):

-post nice pics

-to be real; write about what I would want to read about

-share my life stories, (write to make sense of them)

-connect with my readers, via; lovely comments

-talk about relationship w/ God and what he is doing in my heart

-posts don’t have to be super-duper long all the time


So, maybe this is my lost point?  Answering these questions hopefully will help to keep me focused on my writing.

If this is what my desires are, then with God’s help hopefully the yapping in my head will get quieter and quieter.

I’m not sure what my blog will look like from here on out but I’m attempting to work harder at keeping up with it.  Another goal would be to post once a week.  I’m excited but at the same time I know I can get pretty dry!  Have you ever heard of a rut?!!

Living in Texas away from most of my family in Pa, will hopefully be another incentive for more published words.  Jason also has family in Central America and Canada, too, that I know scroll down my site.

The dog has quite barking down the street for now and my 2 cups of coffee are begging me to get off my bum.  Meanwhile, as I continue to ponder my point, I hope to get a post out once a week for now and I hope to see you here, too.

13 thoughts on “What is the point?

  1. I always liked your post Jolynne they have never been yappy in my eyes..i think you have a very good talent of writing, and am excited to know that u want to do it more often! I love u an miss u…


    1. I didn’t write about this but sometimes I think I compare myself to other people’s blogs and that’s why I can feel discouraged. I guess I also just want to unpack more of my personal writing style and single myself out among the many talented others and look at what I have to offer. If I can above the very loud yapping in my head!
      Anyway, thanks Carmen! Love ya, too! Looking forward to seeing you again come Thanksgiving!


  2. Jolynn, I’ve been at this point so often, and it’s not a nice plae to be. Okay. Woah. I just noticed to the right of here…”Join 738 followers.” Are you kidding me? You are so popular and you’re having questions about the awesomeness of your blog???? Stop it now. 🙂 Seriously I love every time you post whether it’s everyday kind of things or deeper thoughts. Your goals for your blog sound good, and like what you already have going here.


  3. I’m so looking forward to reading more of your blog, especially when recommending by Christy. 🙂 And, like her, I’m thinking, 740 followers and she feels insecure about her blog?? 🙂 I really like your goals, sometimes it’s good for me to sit down and reevaluate!
    Happy Wednesday!


    1. Awe! Hi, Clarita {blush}. I love reading your pretty blog and feel in awe that you are commenting on mine. Do I dare admit that your blog is one that I ‘look up to’ if one can look up to a blog 🙂 Sigh, if I could be more like her… Ok, I’m STOPPING IT NOW! :p
      Thanks for stopping by!


  4. I identify very much with this post. I too love to write, but I don’t feel like my blog has a theme at all and I love your “yappy” description…. it suits what I do well. 🙂 I think anyone that writes with heart has something to offer. It’s SO easy to be intimidated and envious in this wide, wide online world with so many good writers and photographers and project-doers. Why is my little voice even trying to be heard? Just be yourself. Soak in the good from others and their talents. I wish I could find you a link for a very good post on this whole comparison thing. I will search.

    P.S. I love your blog name and you are very beautiful.


    1. Thanks for the recommendation from Life in the Shoe. I love reading her stuff. I hated that I was one of her statistics sorta. That I was one of those blogers who suffers from comparison. Oh, well. So be it. It’s the truth. Which hurts (the pride) sometimes. 😉 Shall we be ‘yappers’ together with our blogs as we continue to use our God given gifts/talents?
      Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting 🙂


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