Urging Softly


A sweet reminder from the Lord came to keep praying. Sometimes I don’t know why I even bother with my requests. They feel like demands at times or unimportant even at worst just plain selfish. I feel like I’m chatting to a deaf ceiling. But, in my quiet time, God urged my soul to keep praying for the desires of my heart.

This one particular request I have prayed before years ago for a period of time and God did answered that prayer in his way.

Moving to Texas my life has changed and I now find myself praying for the exact same thing again, though slightly different.

God ever so softly urged me to keep praying. Just that encouragement, that He cares about what I care about, keeps me hopeful, keeps me drawn inward to know Him more.

Proverbs 5:29b
But He hears the prayer if the righteous

Like before, when God answered my prayer, it was not how I pictured it to look. Likewise, this time I know if God answers my little request it will look perfect to God in every way, but strange to me. Perhaps, I won’t even recognize my prayer as even being answered right way.

I hope I have more if these moments; moments of knowing God is present and speaking to my heart. Who wouldn’t! But, the truth is, that when I’m sitting still, reading Gods word and meditating on what I just read, God doesn’t always show up how I’d like. Most of the time (or it feels like) it’s just me dialoging mentally with a bazillion questions!

Romans 12:12
Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.


It’s my continual showing up to be with God that builds the relationship and invites God to speak as He wills. It’s my daily invitation to invite God into my heart; opening my heart to let Him in; whether I feel Him or not. Step by step, day by day, moment by moment, with an open heart.



8 thoughts on “Urging Softly

  1. Really like this post! I have a “top 3” prayer list right now, and sometimes, even tho I pray about them a lot, I wonder if I actually believe it will happen. 🙂 thanks for the reminder to just keep praying!


    1. Yeah, you’re welcome, Julie. It’s easy to ask once but when nothing happens, discouragement can quickly settle in. Another thing I need to keep in mind is God’s timetable is a little bit different then the way I see it!
      May you continue to be open to Jesus as you pace back and forth in His waiting room!


  2. Most of the time it’s just me, mentally dialoguing with a bazillion questions. That’s me right now. And so true what you said about the answers not looking the way we expect them sometimes. Some of mine are definitely showing up in brown paper without even so much as bakers twine to pretty them up right now. 😉


  3. oh, how i can relate to this.. God is taking me through the very same lesson right now w/ praying and listening for His voice and yes, seeing answers come in ways i hadn’t expected or thought. i’m not the prayer warrior i want to be but i like your last paragraph and think it’s so true – i have to keep showing up and trusting He is there, He is faithful, whether i feel that way or not. i like what i read somewhere years ago that my faith isn’t based on my feelings, but on the word of God. good thing! ;))

    thanks so much for sharing~


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