6 Years Ago…


The year, 2007.

This takes me back to my pre-dating days. Before Jason, my husband, was even on the radar days! The days when I shoveled in the food apparently- ha ha! The days when all 7 of us kids were present. Only one in-law and two grandchildren. The days of g-pa & g-ma Zimmerman coming over and the meal was laced with grandma’s belly laugh! I wish I had a picture of that. Her laughing. I like my Grandma Zimmerman.  Weave in lots and lots of testosterone tossed around, as well, as one can only imagine with a family of 6 males and 1 female.

Not quite the Norman Rockwell painting 🙂 (thank you, google)

These days, the mom holds the camera. Not the turkey.


Justin and Rachel’s little family. Now they now have 5 kids.

Jevin & Jared. Being, well, themselves. I think Jared would not appreciate this pic very much today…

My only sister at this time. 🙂 Love her!

After the big turkey dinner, my brothers would get into an intense game of football. Sometimes I would help. This particularly rainy day it looks like I chose to stay in the dry indoors with the kiddos and play marbles (probably with grandma). And, just look at that cider outside! I forgot one year dad had our apples from our tree pressed into cider.

Caleb & Hayley. (Do you see Gavin in her face?)

I can only hope for Caleb’s sake her nails are trimmed…..

Nanna and Hayley

Josh and Caleb. He LOVES his uncles!

>>> FOOTBALL <<<

Maybe they are trying to figure something out on these pics. Define what little rules they do have. But, I promise you, they can get aggressive and mad at each other.

Jevin being so Jevinie

Oppps! This little wanted to run with the big dogs!

Since Rachel’s b-day is close to Thanksgiving we often celebrate her when the fam is together.

The boys standing all around. Since it’s my family I know I can bust on them a little bit! If you don’t make yourself known (or fend for yourself)… there might not be any cake left for you!!  

Notice the empty plates getting closer and closer!! Hurry Rachel!

One satisfied little munchkin! 🙂


I miss those Zimmerman Family Thanksgivings. Last year, 2012, Jason and I went up to Pa to be with my family for Thanksgiving and it was so good. Now it’s almost been a year since being with them all. Oh, wait! I guess I did see my parents 2x with having Gavin and my brother Josh and his beautiful fiancé, Lisa a couple months ago. So I haven’t been completely family deprived! Woo! But, it still feels long and lonely.

This year I set up our own little Friesen Thankful Tree.  (I did it last year with my whole big family)  It’s just the two of us here but who knows, maybe it’s the beginning of a Friesen household tradition with us. \\secretly hope so//  I like traditions. Especially the holiday type 🙂


We’re going up to Pa around New Years. As time gets closer, not a day goes by that I wish departure day was tomorrow! I’m THAT excited.  And, maybe getting away has something to do with it too…. 😉  I can’t wait for baby Gavin to meet his awesome uncles!!!


Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good!
His faithful love endures forever.  Psalm 118:1


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