I don’t love you; I always will.

Thoughtful lyrics in a song I love from The Civil Wars.

Two people, lovers, in the same room, both wishers and dreamers for a different { better? } tomorrow.

A look away.  Ducked head turned as to avoid eye contact.  A heavy cloud hovers.  A loud silence permeates.    Feelings and thoughts hurricane, swirl around like chaos; desperate for reason.  Both hearts longing for a bridge that leads to intimacy.  I don’t love you; I always will.

Perhaps it is the clouds that make for the even brighter sunny morrows.  Perhaps it is the tension that leads to cherished moments absent of such strain.  Perhaps it is the bareness of known and felt peace that leads to fresh forgiveness and new life.

Do I walk alone?  We all have been there I’m afraid…  Let’s be honest and admit our marriages can be a little dichotic at times.  🙂

Relationships are { your marriage? } is like dichotomy:  a division into or distinction between two groups that differ greatly  :something with seemingly contradictory qualities

oil and water

fire and ice

male and female

Pennsylvania and Texas

poison and wine


Yet we long for:

salt and pepper

cake and ice cream

puppies and kittens

hugs and kisses

piano and guitar

I don’t love you; I always will.


6 thoughts on “Dichotomy

  1. This is beautiful and so very true, Jolynn. I will come back later and listen to the song. I love your blog name. And is that really snowflakes falling on your page?! 🙂


    1. Yes, wordpress just does that for me somehow on the month of December. I’m sure you could turn yours on too?…. Hope you like the song. You might have to google the lyrics if it’s hard to make out what they’re saying 🙂


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