Some Christmas Hope on Hackberry

cmas hope starii

Rahab, the harlot, let a cord outside her window to save her life and the lives of her family.

Cord, in this context, is Hebrew for the word Takvah.

Takvah; which means; hope 

Just like Rahab was spared, saved by hope- we can know and have hope too.

Hope, our hope today is Jesus Christ, our Savior, born in a manger, who can and will save us if we ask.

So, while wrapping gifts this Christmas, when tying them with string, think of hope.  Like the cord that showed hope which saved lives, a string can bring hope.  Hope offered to the receiver of the gift.  Hope for whatever situation they are going through right now.  Hope for tomorrow.  Hope that is eternal.

We need hope this Christmas.

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Welcome to A ~


the dinning room




the creche

the mini




the ‘mantel’

the chalkboard



the wreath



the creative side




the coffee table



o o o o o o o o o o


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I know we are already 2 wks into December but a great book for advent this season is Ann Voskamp’s new release, The Greatest Gift.  It has daily readings for each day leading up to Christmas.  She starts in Genesis and works her to the birth of Jesus.  There are thought provoking questions at the end of each reading and as you can see in the pic below, I’ve got my journal out.  It’s been great journaling once again.  I haven’t journaled since July/Aug.

This is how you’d find me most mornings- (or when I get the chance to sit a spell)



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10 thoughts on “Some Christmas Hope on Hackberry

    1. Jenny! I didn’t realize it was you until I checked out your blog (which I didn’t know you had!) It’s fun to see you in the blog world! A late welcome from me 🙂
      And, I’m sure you miss home this time of year!!! Do you have any plans of coming home anytime over the holidays?


      1. I loved learning that – that hope is the same word for the rope that Rahab used. I quickly blogged about it hoping (I just said hope, ha) not to forget the meaning of hope in her story. I wish I was smarted and retained everything I read…
        Anyway, may Jesus be your hope, your cord, last thread? to hold to this season!


  1. Beautiful words on hope. I LOVE learning things like that – that the cord used in the story of Rahab means “hope”? I never knew that, but what a beautiful picture!

    And your home looks so beautiful and cozy for Christmas! It’s so fun to get it all prettied up, isn’t it? 🙂


    1. I love learning those things, little details, too! I think it makes the Bible come more alive and more meaningful and then more personal. I love how God become more personal with me…
      And, YES! I just love Christmas decor! Already looking forward to after season sales to buy up again for next year!! Each year I think how I could use more and more things… Eeekk!


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