Christmas Cookie Party!

These ladies.


Yes, that’s us.

It started over a year ago – maybe over two years, that we randomly get together for coffee and sweets at who ever’s house that decides to plan the morning.  It doesn’t always suit everyone each time, like there are several missing from this photo, this morning as well.

I love that we started doing this, getting together, laughing together, listening together, eating together and raising babies together – at least some of us so far anyway 🙂


It was brought to my attention that a majority of us are implants or transplants, pretty much replanted in the Great State of Texas.  That alone is a connection point.  Us implants are mostly Yankees, too.  I’m not sure if Tennessee is considered a ‘Yankee’ state or not?…. 🙂

Fun fact.  We represent 5 states – Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Tennessee and Idaho

o  o  o  o  o  o  o  o

Gavin with his ‘cousin’ Mandi.  Yet, another implant, Yankee.  Cousin?  She’s married to his cousin.  Her MIL is his dad’s sister, Gavin’s Aunt.  Confused yet?  Gavin’s going to have one of those ‘fun’ families with INTERESTING relationships to explain on his daddy’s side…..

It feels like she’s his Aunt though.


0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0

This morning’s coffee and sweets was a brunch and cookie exchange.  Excuse the blurry pics.  Blurry due to baby on hip mostly.  I should be too embarrassed to post these and I am a little…..,

but. oh. well.




I just love these colors.  So attractive and perfect and pretty.  I can only guess which house these came from… 😉


o  o  o  o  o  o  o

 I also made peppermint party mix and white chocolate covered pretzels as little gifties for everyone along with our Christmas cards {which were SO MUCH fun to scribble on!}.


o  o  o  o  o  o  o  o

Another boy for Gavin to play with.  They are almost exactly a year apart in age.  Love how he’s rocking’ the skinnies!  I pretty much gush over his jeans every time I see him….  🙂


Gavin was very content for being awake for 4hrs.  He’s just growing up and changing so much.

Sigh.  IMG_2342

Love him.

Just love him.


o  o  o  o  o  o  o  o

My box of cookies I brought home 🙂

It’s not as many as I thought it would be for some reason but still enough to add about 10 lbs around the waist.

Oh. my. word.


Do I freeze them until January?  Or eat them all for supper tonight?

So much variety.  I want to be a selfish cookie monster and take a bit out of EACH and EVEY one!  Please?  Just a bite and then you can have the rest. . . . .

o  o  o  o  o  o  o  o  o  o

Love this gingerbread man!  I can NOT wait to try theses next year.  They are the ones y’all have been talking about on Facebook and your blogs – the easy kind you bake beforehand and then cut into men and ice.  And, oh my.  So yummy and soft and melt in your mouth practically and taste perfect with apple cider!


o  o  o  o  o  o  o

Now, it’s me an the Gavinator chilling at home.  Not so perky after going strong all morning long- and not so willing to sleep either!


Merry week before Christmas, Everyone!


13 thoughts on “Christmas Cookie Party!

  1. wow, this cookie exchange looks pretty amazing. And yes, amazing too what it does to the waistline. =( Oh well, there’s always “New Year’s Resolutions!” lol… Enjoy your blog and pictures a lot! Merry Christmas to you!


  2. What fun!! Especially since you have the common denominator of being transplants – that right there makes you feel a kinship. 🙂 And those gingerbread men – my friend Shelly’s recipe right? – are AMAZING. I’ve made three batches of those this year already (okay, within the past week) and this morning I blame the two very large zits on my chin on those (I’m sure it has nothing to do with how many I’ve eaten). I cannot stay away from them!!


    1. You would know a bit about the transplant thing, huh? 😉 And, yes, that would be Shelly’s recipe – which is so DELISH!!! Ummmm!!! Sorry about the zits! Ha ha! My growing jelly belly is starting to jingle a bit here- Ekk! Ha ha!!


  3. sweets and great friends – a perfect combo!
    and being transplants does connect you..
    i’m always finding all the americans here. ;))

    i had a cookie exchange yesterday w friends and have pretty much been eating nothing but cookies now the past two days!


    1. I’m sure finds fellow Americans would be a huge deal up there! I remember on my Europe trip whenever we heard English and discovered the people were from the states it was like we found a long lost friend! Even if they were from Utah- half way across the county!


  4. that sounds so fun. food and friends are two of my favorite things. 🙂
    I missed the gingerbread recipe around fb… are you sharing? I’d love to try it.

    your little guy’s handsome. 🙂
    happy next to last day of 2013.


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