“Say what?”


“Christmas is over you say??”


“Silly me!”


 “But I’m really likin’ these lights…”




The bond between a mother and her first born son.



He lights up my life.  And, very quickly robs my light with his very own life.


And, life has been just that -> robbed.  Allow me to explain a bit.  We left for Pa, with a budding ‘crawlist’.  Gavin was finally beginning to crawl and momma and poppa were thrilled with this major milestone accomplishment.  While away, he really picked up on the mechanics of arms and leg work.  Upon coming back home, we were entering our house with an entirely different child then when we had left.

What was normal before leaving is now erased and were are in the process of recreating a ‘new normal’ these days.  Finding time to myself and then finally deciding what to do with that becoming rare gift is also a challenge.  Especially when sleep feels so much more important somehow….

I am looking forward to 2014 with all the NEWNESS that’s in store for our little family!  Blessings to my readers on this new year!


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