Thinking about another year and things to accomplish.

A new year and goals and ideas taking flight from a soul that failed to take flight last year.  Or, it’s the vision of what could be/should be/ might be? different that presses in our minds and urge us to a new year with different expectations, dreams, plans, visions.

I made a list of things that (mostly) MUST get done by the end of the year -> or more ideally, this spring.


Just some goals.  And, I’m happy to say that 2 already can be removed as of January 20th.

What a difference it makes in my life if I simply write stuff down.

It makes it more official.  More real.  And it helps organize my days so they don’t feel like they just all fall on top of each other with nothing to show for their poor jumbled unorganized selves.

And, not just a thought up there swirling around in my brain with the rest of my >>>>>unfinished thoughts <<<<<


This morning I baked.


I love pretzels.  Not usually plain but with things.  Like chocolate for instance.  🙂

Feb Martha Stewart Living magazine had this recipe in it along with several others that I tore out and added to my line above the stove.  I wanna try these recipes and I also love the pretty food pictures that inspire me.


Can’t wait to try this:


I’m ALL about SPAaa-Eeed, people!!

I don’t know if you know this or not, but to make delish biscotti, it’s best if you bake it all night….


The beginning of this month we flew up to Pa for a Zimmy Christmas.

Gavin did great flying.


We had some great family time


(Oldest and youngest to date Zimmy grandchildren.  There is one more on the way.)


Grandpa time


GREAT grandma time


Quelf game time


Cousin time


Party with the besties New Year’s Eve time



Our babies that are 1 month apart ‘meet and greet’ time


And some Zimmy men time 🙂  Bah-ha ha!!


*note the one civilized handsome man on the far left 😉


And, January’s almost over.

And I’m still handing out our New Year’s cards and trying to have my teeth brushed before lunch…

5 thoughts on “january.

  1. I liked the post except for the picture of the ooey gooey chocolately bars. Did you have to do that to me???! 🙂 I loved seeing your Christmas pictures. It looks like it was full of fun times with great people. Thanks for the reminder to make lists. I love making lists, but I have gotten out of the groove, and I think it might help me get back on top of life again if I’d write down more of my goals and jobs.


  2. At least it’s not honey! ha ha ha! Oh, dear….
    Pa was fun. Cold, but fun- peppered with stress a little one new to the scene.
    And, yes and amen again and again to lists. Hip-hip-horray for lists!! 🙂 I just can’t give Jason one though :p


  3. Yay for lists!! I’m right there with you. Lists and my planner are my BRAIN. For real, if I would lose my planner, it would feel like I lost my head because e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. about my life is written in there. And it helps me get things done because I cannot bear to go into the next week without someone crossed off my list. 🙂

    Your family times look like so much fun! Happy families are such blessings.
    And I love your cooking inspirations hanging above your stove. Great idea!


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