Words from a Foodie!

Do y’all remember this?


My tare outs from Feb Martha Stewart Magazine?

It’s been done.  All of them.  I’ve mixed, baked, melted, and chewed.  Posting about it gave me the right amount of enthusiasm to get the job done.  Yes, motivation sprouted from sharing my craving to try these recipes.  Sometimes it takes just that.  Talking about what I want to do that gets the job done.

These Chocolaty Pretzel-and-Peanut Cookies Bars were amazing the day they were made.  Personal opinion, pretzels in food does not taste as good one day later…


Gotta try this Whole-Wheat Brown-Sugar Sticky Buns!  Ladies, it’s tasty with a hint of healthy!


Sadly only one left!  Here today, gone tomorrow as I write this!


And, lastly,this > > > Aahh-mA-ZInG  > > > Speedy Biscotti 

 Loved these little guys!  {You only have to bake them once!}  I will so make these again!  Click the link to watch the video for recipe!



This very week, Jason and I have been relishing our time with this flavorful couple!  One way to do that is over food.

Enjoying Mexican food at Rosa’s Cafe.  Over a table crowded with spicy food we laugh, spill stories, chew apart hot topics and grin like goobers for selfies!

Gavin dear has grown.  In fact, he is now able to wear this matching 12 month onesie (at 9 mon) with his dad’s t-shirt stitched by Aunt Lucy.  Sunday morning father/son matchy moments.

{{ Warm fuzzy memories }}


And Gavin’s faces he makes these days always melt me in a puddle,

right in the moment,

right there,

EVERY time he cheeses like that.

Because I love him to Reese’s >PIECES! <

I am FOREVER changed.

I am  a MOMMA with a HEART that is 1,000x’s bigger than EVER BEFORE!


Love this.

Love THEM.IMG_2191

{{ Pop goes my heart }}

Don’t you just wanna squish that belly!??!

6 thoughts on “Words from a Foodie!

  1. ive always wanted to cook my way through a cookbook but what about the recipes you wouldnt like? just skip?
    i bet our babies are the same size! oliver is wearing 12 months and some 18!! love the tie shirts:)


    1. I’ve been cooking my way through a cookbook for a while now. Some of the recipes that are the sameish I don’t bother making each one, instead I lump them all together and sometimes go off of several at the same time. The only thing I didn’t like about it was that I got tired of staring at the same pages ALL the time and I felt limited (maybe it has to do with the fact that I chose my smallest book to cook through!)
      I would love to meet Oliver someday! 🙂 He’s so handsome! And, yes, Gavs is wearings 12-18month clothes. And a few 24mon in there as well- though they are pretty big!


  2. I could just EAT the food in those pictures right now. Especially the sticky buns! And that little Gavin of yours is just TOO darling! Isn’t it amazing how your heart just gets a gazillion times bigger when those teeny little people snuggle their way into it?


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