In case you don’t follow me on Facebook or haven’t heard about my husband’s brother, Tim, who is currently battling Leukemia, I thought I’d put some words about it up on the blog today.

Tuesday night he went to MD Anderson hospital in Houston and is currently admitted there awaiting treatment. It’s a difficult, uneasy journey for his wife, Norma, and 4 sons Derwin, Derek, Shannon and Sheldon to face. You can follow his story more closely here on Facebook. We are not guaranteed his life but we wait, hope and pray for it every minute of our lives.

And, we care.



Some thoughts I jotted down the other night.

Caring for baby but that’s my everyday
Care for husband- not like a baby,
Not like a man that is sick; sick and weak
Since an ER trip my caring hearts’ grown
Now, caring for husband as he finds voice to his feelings
Caring for sister-in-law in deep mournfulness blue
Caring with friends who shake my hand and hug my shoulders with a fresh tear
Caring as others come to offer their presence and peace
Caring by showing up
Being there
Sitting with
Caring is what we woman do.
It’s a part of our heart, flowing out of.
Constant flowing.
We care ’til our hearts hurt.
We care ’til our backs break.
‘Til our arms ache.
‘Til our brain goes numb.
And, ’til our eyes twitch from lost sleep.
As woman, wives & mommas we care.


I don’t mean to exclude men. Please, my all means, don’t think me chauvinist! I KNOW they care, especially Jason, my husband, cares deeply for his brother battling leukemia right now. The pain in his eyes and eagerness to get to his bedside prove that ore and ore.
I am writing from my heart. My feelings deep within my feminine soul. Sometimes I feel there is nothing I can say or do at a time like this. Nothing to say to a sister-in-law as she does ALL she can to care for her lover.
I care. I pray. I hope.

Amendment: the pictures were taken while Tim was in care at Providence Hospital, Waco, Tx. Jason and I plan to go gown to Houston maybe sometime this wknd.




6 thoughts on “Care

    1. Sometimes it can be annoying that my husband is running around taking pictures but usually in the end when we get home and look through them I am sssoooo glad he was running around clicking away! 😉
      Hopefully we will cross paths soon!


  1. May you feel God’s hand close to you today! I remeber when my brother died and people were praying for his wife and girls, and we kinda felt like leftovers. One day a brother wrote our family a letter and said he was praying for Jonathan’s family and it just encouraged us so much. I want to let the Friesen family know that I am also praying for them in this difficult time. Miriam Miller (Leah’s Sister)


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