there was a Wedding!

and we celebrated and cherished family!



Last week was travel time.


Driving from home to Dallas, shuttling from remote parking lot to airport, flying from DFW to Chicago, shuttling from Chicago O’hare to Budget car rental agency, driving from Budget agency to Rockford and our hotel and final destination.  All in a day.  At least we didn’t drive from Pa to Illonios like the rest of my family did, which took 13ish hrs.


Could not be more grateful for my excellent little traveler.  He did so well & I am a very blessed momma.  To bad he won’t remember all his trips he’s been on in his first year of life!  This youngin’ has been around!


Last we saw my family was the beginning of the year.  Now, 2 months later we are soaking up all the family time we can, however we can, where ever we can because we know it will be a long time til the next time together.  Hotel lobby/eating area hosted our loud, happy selves numerous mornings.  And, conveniently our rooms were suits with two rooms which made nap time and socializing so much nicer with little ones.  We definitely scored with our Quality Suits on Waldon Street!



Intentional family time was so evident from Josh with his wedding week in Illinois.  3 of my 6 brothers plus my Jason were in the bridal party.  So right there when the groomsmen hung out, got fitted for their tux’s or had their bachelor party, it was family being together.  Often in those days and hours before their 3 o’clock wedding, if felt like Josh was just chill in’ with the fam – at the hotel in mom & dad’s room, down by the indoor pool, visiting with me and Jason in our room – he did so well at connecting even with a wedding was on his mind.


 I love how Josh loves his family.  For Josh, living in Colorado for over a year (which is where they will be living post marriage) and being away from family has put a stronger value on family.  Living in Texas, 1500 miles away, I get this.

Rehearsal happened Thursday night.  Rachel and I, with our kiddos, spent most of our time getting the dinner room ready and child patrol. So I completely missed how the ceremony was going to go.  I did sit up and watch for a little bit, enough to get this pic and chat with Lisa’s relative, a fellow Texan. 🙂


Caleb and Hayley helping decorate the board with hearts and other pretty things.


 They weren’t planning on having open mic at their reception so they created a space for blessings and well wishes and funny stories at rehearsal dinner along with a get to know each other game, which consisted of questions about the couple.  Josh & Lisa asked me to be the MC, which I was honored but nervous.  There was so many amazing and Godly people there that I didn’t want to sound crazy or lame and embarrass myself!  Affirmation is always nice and afterwards I was obliged by a few good jobs‘.

Towards the end, the brides maids started sharing and that’s when things got emotional.  I told Lisa she has the sweetest friends!  The things they said about her were so precious and real and true and beautiful.  And, I am so glad I get her for a sister-in-law!!

In closing, Josh and Lisa thanked everybody and prayed.



I was so excited for the actual wedding & reception.  Josh has been in the drama/theater field for many years and he told us his wedding was going to be a PRODUCTION!


The ceremony was simple yet never lacked meaning.  Not a lot of showbiz on that side except for the bridesmaids with there whoop-hollering! at times like when the bride came down the aisle with her dad, and when the couple walked out.  I know a couple times the pastor said something funny and everybody laughed out loud.

When the Maid of Honor sang a solo, the couple braided a three strand ribbon and had communion.  Before that they did the most beautiful ‘hand ceremony’ EVER!!  More tears…

This song Alyseia sang was sssooooooo b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l.   My heart melts.

It was special when the dad gave her away which didn’t happen all to soon.  He stood up there with Lisa for a while, even after Josh and Lisa exchanged a commitment, there was a prayer and a little opening and only then did her dad say, “Her mother and I.”  The hug, the long look in her daddy’s eyes and the tears.  It was precious.


I felt like God was truly a part of their special day.  It was so apparent.  So many times there was prayer; an invitation admitting God’s presence and blessing and receiving his honor and acknowledgment.

All I have is a picture of immediate family.


As the couple left the church they scurried through a tunnel cheering peoples!


A selfie of us 🙂



So proud of my men…


and happy with them.


A shot with my dad’s 3 sista’s.


Pretty much from the wedding on -> Gavin was in zombi mode.  Yes, he was so. very. tired.  You can’t tell at all from the pictures, can you?


The reception!






Our table 🙂




This groomsmen’s taken!


Happy lil love birds



Lisa’s dad used to play in the Jazz Band, Moonlight Jazz Orchestra, and for the couple’s first dance he tenderly performed a saxophone solo, ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow.’  It was so sentimental taking in the slow step and sweet song.



Well, Josh is married now.  Excited to journey with him/them on this level.  I can’t describe how unbelievably happy I am for him.  Lisa is a sweet snag and addition to our family.  He may think it’s a win for him selfishly, but I know it’s a win for me as well!

Their future is living in the the big city of Denver, Colorado.  He, manager at Chic Fil A and she, various duties with Kingdom Building Ministries- where they met.  I hope, maybe someday we will make the trip up to their Land.  You know, it’s not quite as far as Pennsylvania! 😉


and I may have dose-se-doed a wee little bit…


4 thoughts on “there was a Wedding!

  1. This looks like such a lovely wedding! To see Christ honored at a wedding is one of the most beautiful things, and so deeply moving. None of my brothers are married yet, and I am excited and nervous about when that day will come. 🙂 I loved your lace dress!! And your little guy is handsome as can be.


    1. Thank you, Clarita! It was a beautiful wedding!

      As for the lace dress, I looked and looked for one and was prepared for compromise when I spied one on Main Street Exchange’s Facebook! Thanks to my mom, who whizzed over and snatched up one of the last ones left- which thankfully they had my size, and hauled it along out to the wedding! Was crossing my fingers it would fit!

      As for brothers getting married, Josh and I are kinda close so his wedding was so special to me 🙂
      I don’t have any sisters like you but I’m sure a brothers wedding would be different for you than your sisters were. I’m sure your-to-be-in-laws will want your decor touch input, for sure!!


  2. I always love hearing about your family because it seems like you have such fun together. 🙂 It makes me wonder what it would have been like to have brothers to hang with. Pretty awesome that your brother asked your husband to be a groomsman, too! Jay is looking fine! 🙂

    By the way, I was looking at your blog again and thinking how much I like it. You did so well at personalizing it with your dancer theme. Pretty awesome. I would love to come sit beside you someday when we could share blogging tidbits with each other.


    1. My family has more fun together now it seems that we live so far away (or is it just me- ha ha). But, we do have our fun(ny) moments that’s for sure!
      And, thanks for the kind words about my blog appearance! Makes me feel ‘cool’ if Christy likes it!


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