He’s One!


Because SO much changes in One Whole Year.

Our boy child has lived




>>With us as his parents
>>In our house in Texas
>>With Chief as his dog

>>>>And he seems quite happy<<<<

So, we did what any first time parents itching to show off their child would do.

~ ~ ~

We threw a big party!


Image 1

Image 2
We strung up some cool lights for our backyard bash.  My ‘theme’ might have been green and blue.


Image 2

Invited Jason’s whole family (25 ppl or so) and Gavin’s baby friends from church; which there were 2 that made it.

Afterwards I wish I would have gotten a photo of Gavin and all the children but you know how it goes when you are the host and have a bazillion and one things on your mind besides pic ops.  The two bigger girls in this picture are Gavin’s cousins.
I should also add a disclaimer > all photos are from Jason<


I like food.  And I like making food.  But, for some reason I was stressing to Jason a lot before hand about this menu.  We didn’t want to promise supper but it pretty much ended up being one.

Image 1

The menu:

-Poppyseed Ham & Swiss sliders
-Hamberger Nacho dip w/ chips
-Veggie chips (contributed by guests)
-Cream Cheese Chocolate Chip Cupcakes
-Cream Cheese Cupckaes <
-Meadow Tea {or as they say in Tx, Garden Tea}

This party took place on Mother’s Day, no better day to celebrate family, and the beverage server was a gift from my Mr. Friesen 🙂

There was corn hole for playing by way of games.


Birthday boy wore his homemade, mom-made profile shirt.  I just LOVE how it turned out.  Isn’t he just darling in this picture.  Cuteness abounds.  I just wanna squeeze him and twirl him and kiss him!

Image 3


The blessed cake, which was faaaaarrrr, far-far-far-far, from Pinterest Perfect.  While decorating it I had to keep reminding myself,
“He’s going to smash it.  It doesn’t’ matter how it looks.  It doesn’t have to be perfect.”




 It’s blessed, happy self.


(those oh-so-neat icing cans with decorating tips are not quite oh-so-neat. No matter how slow you go with the tip of the can, that icing has a mind of it’s own and when it decides it’s ready to squirt, squirt it does.)

I’m still trying to be ok with showing the cake to you.  Because I know you would have done a much better job.  I know you would have presented stunning perfection.  I know you would have made that one year old a beautiful, darling cake for his photo book and for everyone else to gush and swoon over and tell you how talented and wonderful you are.

And, this is not all folks . . . . .

We sing happy birthday
The presentation of the cake
Gavin’s face was like, “waaahh??
He gingerly touches
Slowly swirls icing

Then the realization


“My cake is hard?!”

He couldn’t even smash it.
We had to lend him one fork . . .

two forks
and notice he still could not smash it

It was to me, an epic FAIL.

We should have stuck with cup cakes like our practice cake on his actual birthday


Eventually I became mature enough to recognize the party was about Gavin not thee cake (I know, surprise, right) and he was happy and having a blast.
Happy baby = happy momma

The little girls excitedly watching where more then eager to eat some of the football.  So, the cake was a crowd pleaser all in all.  And, we laughed about that tough little pig skin cake in the end. 🙂


To all you momma’s, take heart.  Not everyone who blogs is perfect.  Please hear me say that my hearts desire is the relationships with others and my son.  That is far more important than silly cakes that are here today, gone tomorrow and isn’t it more rewarding to celebrate people and not things?

Don’t we all mothers want this to be how we parent?  Yet, somehow we let little things like 1st birthday cakes take the front seat of what matters and then we let that failure define who we are as mommas.  It’s silly to write it all out but in the moment I couldn’t help but think that this will be so disappointing to blog about.  It mattered to me.   I was the most excited about the cake part of the party.

I think I learned (again) that expectations don’t always pan out.  And, that it’s ok.  It doesn’t change anything about me or redefine me.  I am still a child of God.  Loved.  Believed in.  Worthy of being Gavin’s momma.  And, the best person on the planet God saw fit to mother this dear child.

~ ~ ~

What’s a party without gifts?


To this day, Gavin is still a little weirded out about the Noisy Farm Books’ noises . . . .


Wearing the Baylor onesie gift while figuring out how the popper push toy gift works

Jason and I were excited to have a party in our back yard. It was the first time ever we had the whole, well, almost whole family over at our place for a change.  Our house is rather small and Jason’s family is rather large.  Gavin’s birthday was the perfect reason to have them over.  We are truly blessed with a close family that loves getting together, teenagers and all.  Where I came from, if you were a youth, you might have just showed up for the food at a family thing then left to hang out with friends.  Not so much here in Texas – which I really like.

The only people missing were my family.  I got the privilege of FaceTiming my mom and brother, Jared.  It was good but still not quite the same as having them there.  I could tell mom was overjoyed to have been thought of and sorta included.  Oh, why does Texas and Pennsylvania have to be so many miles apart?

While Jason and I are only starting a family, most of his siblings have long time completed theirs.  Gavin gets a lot of attention from his aunts and cousins.  I think he’s pretty special to everyone.  There haven’t been babies in the Friesen’s for quite a while.  I have a feeling he’s going to be close to his cousin’s kids someday.

Big families are a blessing.  Our hearts couldn’t be fuller!





11 thoughts on “He’s One!

  1. Your cake looks lovely! I always think how neat it would be if I could make an awesome cake like you see on pinterest, but I know it wouldn’t turn out like that 🙂 and then I would stress 🙂 So this mommy always buys the cake 🙂


  2. You will have far more memories of this cake than a “pinteresty perfect” one. I personally love it! A football for a little boy from Texas… very close to perfect! 🙂


    1. Agreed with the memories part! 🙂
      And, congrats on the blog!!! I can’t remember if I knew this or not?! But, I am supper excited to hear more from you someday! Girl, you got talent 🙂


  3. What a fun party!! Wow, and I certainly have no idea what you’re talking about with the cake, because it looks absolutely perfect to me! Seriously, if I would try it and it would turn out half as good as yours, I would be thrilled to my very core. For my son’s 2nd birthday a week or two ago, we just went to DQ and got ice cream cones. Poor poor boy, his mama is a little scared of making birthday cakes. I think you did a great job! And the whole outdoor party looks so wonderful. Those lights are the perfect touch! Love them so much.


    1. Clarity, your too kind! Maybe it’s hard on creative people when we come up short in one area compared to other areas where we so easily excel? I don’t know. I can’t believe my cake got so hard!
      I’m sure your little boy felt loved to his core at Dairy Queen! That sounds like so much fun, too!
      And those lights? Target! Love that store 🙂


  4. A tough cake? How perfect! It is a football after-all. 🙂 Love the pics. Would have been so fun to be there. I’m telling you, you need to invite us to a back-yard party sometime.

    And I love the pic of Gavin in his silhouette shirt and plaid shorts. His pensive look is so him and so darling.


    1. If it’s not too hot when y’all come around, a backyard bash sound fab! Glad for the little bit of FaceTime we did get in tho! 🙂
      You described that picture of the Gav-sters perfectly!


  5. What a FUN party!!! I love the first picture especially much. I was seriously sitting her smiling the whole way through this post because it was so perfect. Maybe not every detail turned out like you wanted it to, perfect–but the real life mixture of Mama’s expectations and efforts and love poured into the party and baby enjoying it in his own chill way, and the big family there to enjoy and celebrate him. Happy sigh. I seriously think the cake looks great, but I did totally laugh about it being hard! =) Gavin is blessed to have you two as parents!

    I’m thinking a backyard party at your house this summer needs to be a priority. 🙂 🙂


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