PeetZa! PeetZaaa!

Wanna jump in my head?

“Quick! Gavin is sleeping – now what was it I wanted to do?

Update my blog,
read my book,
get a bucket and rag and wash of the coffee table and bookshelves and end tables because Gavin keeps spilling drinks on them and they are so gross,
oh goodness, I just take a nap for pete’s sake?
Oh, think, think!
Come on, the longer I stew over this the less time I will have for any of these things. (fells panicky) Ok, I haven’t blogged in a long time lately and I should keep that rolling and not wait so long between posts.
I’ll blog.
Make is a shorty.
Not spend to much time on editing details.
Then hopefully I can read. I need to finish that book already – ooohhh, but I should really clean that furniture! I hate tasks stacking up for Friday and Saturday. It kills the wknd.
We’re blogging…
for now…”

I didn’t think so… but I’m sure some of you know just what I’m talking about 🙂

Hello folks! This is a blog post about food.
The grilled kind.
Delicious kind.
And, one I actually have pictures for. That is often the case why I don’t post about food more often because I am lacking an essential part -> the picture.
I have a feeling a bunch of you saw my pic of this pizza on instagram yesterday. I got a lot of {hearts}/likes and some comments. But, I am bursting just to tell you about it – forReal! ! !
I couldn’t wait to post them and probably neglected my husband and child while I took the 20min to do so but I couldn’t help it! I was so excited!

Sorry in advance if you already did this and wish I would just get over myself already. . . . . .

And, now our yummy PeetZaaa (pronounced just like <- please) from last night! If you have a grill you should definitely consider trying this! And the leftovers are just as tasty. Because I made 2 peetzaa pies.




We are so in love with our grill these days. Ok, I’ll be honest and speak only for myself since Jason’s not here to second the vote. It is my latest food c.r.u.s.h..
>>> Anything GRILLED. <<<
I’m just getting started. I have dreams for so much more. To bad I don’t live next to a grocery store because so many of my ‘instant dreams’ (as it were when I’m perusing the internet) require ingredients not on my selves.
The grocery list is getting longer each day


Mondays are often slow days at our house. Around lunch time I got this inspiration to grill pizza for supper. I googled it.  Found this FABULOUS recipe with pictures for each step. I know some of y’a’ll just love that.
Really liking her blogging style, I decided to check out her dough. It looked simple enough (and I had everything on hand -> including the time for it to rise) so I gave it whirl as well. Here’s the link.

I was so elated and excited. I know I look gooberly, ooberly, cheesy (at least I felt that way when Jason requested a pic of the hyp chef) but my heart was beating way out of my chest with anticipation for that first bite of what was smelling and looking so ravishingly delicious!



Like, forReal, I wanted to invite the neighbors.






And, that’s all.
I really have to move on to other things.

Hope you try the peetZaaa!








5 thoughts on “PeetZa! PeetZaaa!

  1. I had to laugh reading this. It was making me want to go get the grill out at 10pm for some pizza. 🙂 I have made it this way occasionally but forgot about it. I’ll have to try it again because yours looks delicious.


  2. Okay, that sounds and looks SO GOOD!!!! I’ve had grilled pizza just once and it was absolutely delicious. I love how excited you were when you wrote this. I feel just the same when I make something and it turns out to be amazing. 🙂 And I’m glad Jason got a picture of the chef, too. Also, yes, those thoughts did sound so very familiar.


    1. Thanks, Christy! It was so fun and we just had it again last night for supper and this time had friends over. When they left I told Jason how I think thy told me it was good and thanked me like 10 times!!


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