Where does this Monday find you?

If you come to my house, you would find cracker crumbs on the floor, milk stains on the couch, clothes pins peppered throughout each room and sticky tables.
It’s in this kind of living you might find me thinking about supper after breakfast, losing my cool from a nap fighter, tossing the blankets up under the pillows and calling the bed made, giving wagon rides and not brushing my teeth until the last drop of coffee has vanished- which sometimes is after lunch.
Life is fast. All the same- slow.
I can’t believe how slow June was for me. But, now that it’s almost July, I can’t help but wonder where June went. See, most of the ‘good’ plans begin in July and the party doesn’t stop until Octoberish. Even writing ‘Octoberish’ makes my blood run warmer and my smile brighter. Octoberish. Sigh…….
So much family visiting between now and then; both them coming and us going.
And, something about anticipation, the count down, the shopping, the buying of new clothes. It all makes trips ever, much more pined for. I’d say, nothing beats travel. Nothing beats my family’s faces. As crazy as we may be, I like us. I miss us. And, I look forward to the reUNION. of. us.

But, before all that, we are going to the beach this wknd with some Jason’s family. And, this beach lover is in love. In love with July, with the beach and with Jason’s family coming for Philadelphia and in love with seeing my Gavin touching sand in swim shorts for the first time. And, if my Zuliy order arrives before we leave I will be even in love with Zuliy.

Now, today I don my red shirt. Red for tomatoes. It’s canning day.

Farewell. And I leave you with the warmest of thoughts. The closest of prayers. The weakness you feel as strength in the Lord. And, the letting whatever you do today – be = e n o u g h




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