St Louis Ribs and Plan B

Sometimes we make plans and it turns out. Just as we planned.
Sometimes we makes plans and end up having to resort to a plan B due to unantisipated details.
Sometimes though, we plan and plan and it doesn’t happen as planed – as in -> it fails. As in -> it doesn’t happen at. all.


My eyes graze the meat aisle at the grocery store. Beef.  Red meat. Grilling specials. I spy a large package of St Louis Style Ribs. On discount.
In what appears to be my grilling marathon this summer, I’m quite the enthusiast to try anything. Even if I have no clue the process and if it’s even doable with our little Weber. I get home and throw it in the freezer.

This past week I pulled it out to thaw one morning and at approximately 1:28 in the afternoon started planning how to make it.
After googling (my constant cooking friend) how to prepare and grill this large puppy, I am suddenly and rather sadly grasping the reality that this thing is not happening today and WILL NOT be on the menu for supper tonight. Apparently, St Louis Style Ribs are intended for smoking for 5-6 hours and then grilling – basically an all day affair. Not something you start after lunch. Plus, our baby Weber gas grill, that takes a baby propane tank is in no physical condition to smoke. So, needless to say my husband developed a plan B for me over the phone when I called him at work to sanguinely relate my news. He suggested baking it first and then grill it at the end to give it that grill texture and flavor.
Plan B it was.
And it worked!

I rubbed it down with a homemade dry rub – thanks Google. The ribs sat rubbed down in the fridge until baking time which I then smeared with bbq sauce and baked at 275 for 30min and then 375 for another 20-30min then grilled about 7min on each side. They. were. AMAZING! I think we both ate like 3-4 ribs each and these were, I kid you not, loaded ribs. Not what I’m used to eating at Applebee’s. These were hunky ribs with lots of thick, chewy meat on them.
Just go try them.


Obviously plan B is better than no plan, right? I have to remember that. Remember that God is in control. That no matter how much I think I am Thee Queen Bee and things must go my way, my way in my head, my way that I have completely figured out, ultimately God is leading my steps and even little details like what’s for supper each night.

I have to wonder though with plans that involve our future for instance, don’t go how we wanted them to and it wasn’t part of ‘My Amazing Plan’, if I even throw God off balance up there. Do you think we catch God unaware when our plans fail? Is he up in Heaven like, “Opps! she made the wrong move now what?” That’s so funny to think about but I highly doubt it’s his reality as much as it is mine occasionally. Because I surprise myself when surprises pop up out of what seems like thin air – like whoever would have thought that you smoke Baby Back Ribs for 5-6 hours! Haa-Low!

Maybe our failed expectations happen as part of His plan? I’m still human and make mistakes and will keep making mistakes. Is this God’s way of growing me? Of changing me? Of purifying me? Of making me more like Him? He’s got it all under control He knows the rest of my story. I want to be able to rest in that. I want to feel it under my skin. In my soul. Know it. Breathe it. And then live it. I have lofty, huge, failed expectations from time to time but that shouldn’t freak me out. It’s what I do before, during and after that crash of dreams that God is passionate about. He wants my communication with him constantly.

Because He desires to have my heart – in my grilling and in what I think is my Plan B



7 thoughts on “St Louis Ribs and Plan B

  1. some of these lessons of life don’t come easy, but they are what we need to help us be like little children; pliable, teachable, flexible. Matt. 18:3

    I love your sweet spirit and the apt lesson.


  2. The ribs sound good. I make mine in the oven as I don’t grill. The husband does, but for some reason grilling intimidates me. Your other thoughts brought to mind Proverbs 16:9 — “In their hearts humans plan their course, but the LORD establishes their steps.” I have planned a lot of things for my life but the things God has established have been the best of all. His plans, not mine.


    1. Oh, nice to know somebody else out there bakes their ribs as well! Being new to Texas and all this BBQ I’m learning a thing or toe about the red meat at the grocery store!
      I’m still trying to grasp that God’s plan is better than mine some days! Reaching for rest- rest in Him.


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