What do you do that you thought you’d never do?


What things as a parent do you do that you thought you’d never do?

Goodness!, and aren’t those things rather embarrassing to admit much less on the world-wide-web? They really are not hip. Most cases we are afraid of what others might think of our parenting abilities.
Hopefully if I share several of my secrets it will encourage your secrets not to feel so humiliating or shameful. It may even make you laugh!
Who can live in an idealist, perfect world that we build in our minds? Not, me. I fall short so many times. If you feel shamed by some of the things you do -> you suffer not alone.

Perhaps you don’t struggle with what I do or maybe you do but with a different unique twist all your own. That’s ok. You are not wrong in your journey. We are all writing different stories testifying to God’s working in our lives. We grow and change and struggle in the midst of it all. Yes, struggle.

Here is my
“Gasp! You do that?!”
– couple of things that plague my mind.

1. Wearing a onesie on my big 15 month old


My Fear: others will think I dress my child poorly.  I think he looks too big to being wearing such ‘baby clothes’. I think onesies on a big boy like Gavin look sorta girly – like a bathing suit :p

My expectation: my child has to look 100% stylin’ ALL-THE-TIME

My reality: we got the clothes, let’s wear it! Eventually he’ll outgrow it, right?

#2 Let him watch movies

Photo on 9-3-14 at 3.42 PM

My fear: he’ll have ADHHHHHHD (emphasis on the hyper part) and be this energized terror

My expectation: I was NOT going to let my child watch movies – at least until he was 2 (like smart doctors recommend).

My reality: it bothers me and every time I intentionally sit him in front of a screen I feel a twinge of guilt, albeit, he likes movies.


What do you struggle with as a mother?
What are secrets you hide away, too shammed to share.
We are not perfect. Each of us has an ideal of perfectionism in our minds. Yet, we easily let that dictate our conversations, actions and decisions, collapsing in many different scenes when expectations are shattered.
I don’t think Jesus meant for us to live in fear. Our secrets and expectations which we judge ourselves by freeze us from living in freedom.
Don’t you think Jesus wants us to be free – freely dancing with him on this journey of motherhood. Free to be who it is that God has created us to be and not held captive by the fears of others.
Let’s let God fill our minds and not fear of what others may think.  Let’s let Jesus be our “whatever is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable (and) think about such things.” (Philippians 4:8) Let’s embrace who we are as JJ_CSMUCKER-3503individual unique ladies mothering our kiddos and seek God’s direction along the way – not others opinions.
Let’s let the truth of what God thinks about us be our motivation.

It’s what I want.
How about you?

“Our soul was tailor-made to be filled with God and his truth; therefore it seeps into every part of us and fills us completely. It is the only perfect fit.” – Lysa TerKeurst


13 thoughts on “What do you do that you thought you’d never do?

  1. haha, I think too, we as Mom’s can imagine things that other ppl r thinking, when in reality they couldn’t care less. 😉 #1. Is that A.J. is back on his nuk! 😦 He was off it for wks., but I caved. #2. I let him chew on something that he could’ve possibly choked on when I was shopping, ‘cuz he was quiet. #3. Now this one, I’m seriously embarrassed about!! I would rather my kids “go” out in a cornfield or somewhere, rather than in a port-a-pot. esp. when they’re little and want to touch everything! 4. hmmm I know there are other things!! I just can’t think right now. 🙂


    1. Oh, Elsa! I don’t know if I should ‘high-five’ you or just compassionately nod my head in sole agreement at your list!
      It did make me laugh which all the more confirms my suspicion that my readers are laughing at my silly two fears! I wish for you peace of mind for today if you encounter fear slipping in your thoughts as you parent with all the God given wisdom He’s given you!


  2. I let my house be a mess. Otherwise there would never be any sitting and cuddling and laughing. Dishes and laundry happen daily but outside of that it’s just whenever I get to it. I used to have everything neat and cute.


    1. “What is a brush?” – ha ha! I hardly ever brush Gavin’s hair either! Sundays I might splash water on his head and pat down the wild ends but other than that, how he wakes up is how we roll! (This is probably another thing I’m slightly embarrassed about come to think of it!) At home wild hair is fine but when we go to the grocery store, I suddenly see my child’s messy mop!


  3. Ack. I do your number 2. With Madison and Reagan, nope, almost never, only special occasions. Mr D was next and he saw a bit more, then a lot more when I was pg with K and sick. Now at 18 months, Little One is a total freak for a movie. I can’t believe it sometimes when I’m doing it again!

    I have a huge long list of things that I do or don’t do and think to myself, “Hope Mom never finds out how I do this!” 🙂 One plus with being a transplant, she’ll never stop in spur of the moment when I’m not ready for it. 🙂


    1. Movies is a hard one to not do because it’s so our culture. Like if we choose not to play games like Xbox or wi our family will be the odd ones, you know?? Learning to navigate through all these new ways of being a child in this 21st century is way different than how I was when I was a little bee-bopper, that’s for sure!
      And, Sorry about your mom lingering in your mind! Maybe she used to do the same things too but you never found out!


  4. I’m sure I could make a list of these myself, but I can’t remember what I thought I wouldn’t do. 🙂 I do know that I thought I’d neVeR raise my voice at my children, but after I had two and was sick I did. I learned to say I’m sorry a lot, too.

    I love seeing the new pictures on your blog. 🙂


    1. Oohhh! Raising your voice is a good one too. I hate it when I do that also! I so t think I’ve ever hear you raise your voice! You’re so controlled and relaxed! I wish I have some of that blood running through me!


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