A chance to speak your mind! Tell me what you want to read about for 31 days

3 years ago I did the 31 daIMG_1629y challenge, on the blog for the month of Oct. Blogging daily on random topics. I remember it was fun, challenging and pushed my creative side for sure. Coming up with a post for every day was stretching and If I remember right, was glad when it was over. This year though, I’m thinking about doing it again. To get ideas on what do blog about, I read the more specific you make your topic for 31 days actually is helpful because you already know what you have to write about, verses having a broad topic (or none at all) and lots of wiggle room to write about AN-NEE-THING, is less helpful than it sounds. I like that idea. A topic. Therefore I’m in need search of a topic. I know it’s the beginning of Sept but I thought I’d ask my readers, you guys, yes, YOU sitting there on your couch or reading this on you iPhone at work, what topics you’d like to hear from me. Is there anything that you’d like to read more about here or get a different perspective on from me, learn more of or enjoy for me to research and then share with you? I might lapse here for a bit into the thought behind the name of my blog. Maybe that will provide further insight for inspiration on a 31 day blog topic. Thenwedanced is a phrase I dreamed up to write about life as I know it and no matter what happens on my journey, in my story, what I blog about, we (the people) dance. And, we keep on dancing. No matter how difficult, boring and joyous our days are, we dance anyway. I really like the idea of that… but I don’t know if I accomplish that idea for the name 🙂

I did, actually give this challenge some thought on my own. And the few that I fought of are:  


– understanding expectations~> this is something I’d like to understand better myself and to learn how to live and IMG_1379move with a better grasp on and getting beyond frustration and disappointment. This topic could get serious and heavy which could be difficult for a daily series. Not so cool.    


– life as a transplant -> my experiences then and now. I have a feeling I would have fun with this one IMG_2943and there would be lots to expound on!    


– baking -> not just cookies and bars but more challenge like donuts, breads, cake pops and things I IMG_1382never heard of but see in magazines etc. This could be fun but work, lots of money and LOTSA leftovers and extra weight increase! Would need to find me eating helpers before committing! (Would that be you?)      


So, you are my readers and it’s for you that I write! It’s for you that I do what I do (when I do it)! I love connecting with you guys and hearing from you more!

Any suggestions? I’d love to hear your thoughts! Comments appreciated!



5 thoughts on “A chance to speak your mind! Tell me what you want to read about for 31 days

  1. Clothing 🙂 With lots of WIW posts, ideas for how to put together outfits, thoughts on how to be beautiful/modest/feminine, finding your personal style, what you like to by new vs. second hand.


      1. I wish we’d live close and could do this together–like help each other put together outfits, go shopping together and put together outfits at Goodwill. 🙂 Can’t wait to read what you write. I always live the fun elements I see in your outfits; you’ve helped me be more brave.


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