3 days + 1 week and a ‘thank you!’


In 3 days, 1 week, and I’m not sure of the hours, we are planning to:

* drive for an extremely longer than long time
* look at mountains that are big & rocky
* hug smiling faces we haven’t seen for months
* {finally} wrap ourselves in long-sleeved sweaters
* tour a couple big cities
* tour one special small city
* fill our nostrils with fresh mountain air
* sip pumpkin spice lattes
* hike where we’ve never stepped foot before
* make memories for a lifetime!

Will we draw faces on our fingers and have a finger puppet show as well? That’s completely debatable!

 And, thanks to everyone one who made suggestions for my 31 day challenge I’m thinking about doing in October, whether is was here, on Facebook and on instagram! You guys are the best! I appreciate it so much and it was so good to hear from you and what topics are of interest to my readers! I’d like to keep my blog fresh and current so your input was most helpful. If I don’t blog about any of them in the challenge I’m def thinking about tackling them sometime down the road!
And, if reading this you thought of something else to add to the list of suggestions for topics, please don’t hesitate to share! Thanks everybody!


4 thoughts on “3 days + 1 week and a ‘thank you!’

  1. Hi Jolynn Looking forward to Oct. make it all the way to Canada!! That would be so much fun now while I am here. Here you will need to dress warm too. Have also seen spice pumpkin something to drink. Need to try it next time. God bless. Margaret

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    1. Margaret, so neat to hear from you! 🙂
      I wish Canada was in our travel plans but unfortunately I’m not sure who would be more sick of the road – Gavin or Jason and me from all Gavin’s fuss?! Hope hope you try a pumpkin spice latte soon! Let me know if you do and then what you think of them!


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