Surprised by That Mother’s Ways


Have you ever spotted your neighbor’s little child running around in a pamper repeatedly and on occasion nothing at all? And as you rubber neck by their house you think to yourself, that child’s gonna grow up with issues! Poor kid! Do his parents even love him at all?

Have you ever walked in the grocery store and see a mother grab a box of gold fish off the shelf and start shoving little fishes into her whinny, won’t sit in the cart, restless child?

Have you been over to a friends house who has a toddler and noticed how dirty and drolly and perhaps even stinky that tyke was and much to your horror, that mother held him, rubbed herself tightly to him and kissed him, gave the dirty faced, crumbly handed child snacks and a sippy cup?
And walk away like you feel in a slimy puddle? I know, gross right?  Who would do such a thing??

welcome to our house.
Welcome to our world.

We like it here – {most days}

Here we take showers and bathes most evenings.
Here we run free with a black dog that should be named Shadow.
Here we get fresh air ditch the spray tan.
Here we use the coolest shirts for mouth wipers.
Here we clean up only after we are done making messes and then again only if we feel like it.

Here we dance to the rhythm of our bellies, cuddles and our sanity sleep.

And, here,
we are most importantly

> > h a p p y < <


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