Getting closer to 31 day challenge!

So I’m about to join the 31 Days link up party here with the Nesting Place, Chatting at the Sky and many, many others.
I’m gearing up excitement as I nail down my topic for 31 days. Last time I did this, 3 years ago, I didn’t pick a specific topic. My logic in that was I wouldn’t lock myself into writing for 31 days on one single subject and run out of things to write about on that subject. I recently researched blogs and library books on creativity, and they tell me that more restrictions you have on yourself actually help the creative process to thrive- so I’m going to do just that: restrict myself. (Oh dear, sounds scary)
My idea is to write about the topic I’ve chosen, which I’ll announce later, and then on Wednesday do a WIW post or something about fashion and then do a Foodie Friday for my fellow foodies out there. I think those 2 days ‘off’ will be a nice break and distraction for my subject.
I’m all stored up energy at this point! Lots of ideas and words swirling around in my brain! October I’m getting ready for you!
“Hut, hut, HIKE!”


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