Home at last and Topic Reveal for 31 days!

There is nothing like coming home to our house. Our home. Our bed, kitchen, couch, and fridge.

There is nothing like walking into your house after a week away and taking that deep breath, slowly exhaling and  letting the sights and smells penetrate through your entire being.

We’re home.

The house looked smaller for some odd reason.

Our fridge was very empty.

There was moldy bread on the counter.

The floor was sparkling.

The dog didn’t even bark when we pulled in the driveway. Strange.

Our yard, front and back was a field of the greenest grass.

Not long after we started unpacking, Gavin wanted BACK in the jeep. Maybe he was having jeep withdrawal? Like he couldn’t imagine life not sitting strapped in that crumbly carseat? What has 16 hours on the road done to him??

This morning I open my eyes to a beautiful warm fall glow pouring through my bedroom window. What happened while we were gone? The weather for the next 5 days predicts 90 degrees straight yet has fall arrived? (You’re not in Colorado anymore, sister!) The amber hue in my bedroom saturates my soul with merriment for cooler days to come. I love fall.

Before I even drank my first cup of coffee, I opened my eyes to a Rocky Mountain pile of laundry. Now, when others complained on social medias about their piles of laundry the day after vacation, my mean side would growl – ‘shut up and go do your laundry’. Last night I got called out and my husband promptly told me to, “Shut up and go do your laundry!”
This morning I am doing just that.
Thank you husband. He’s such a good, wise man. I love him so for telling me like it is.


I canNOT believe Wednesday is October 1 already! Where did September go? 31 Days writing project is getting closer and closer and I’m starting to freak just a little bit! We just got back from our Colorado trip only to turn around and start writing daily posts for October – makes me feel cRaZy busy!!!

Well dear readers, I asked your opinion for a topic and y’all spoke your mind! For that I am most grateful. The biggest response I got over all was for something that matters to ladies everywhere. (And guys too, if you are a guy and you’re reading this. It might look slightly different for men though. So please don’t stop reading if you’ve been a fan of this space.)

This subject is one that I struggle with and ponder as well. God leads us to so many different seasons and therein it can be a doosey to deal effectively with the change. I don’t think I am adequate to blog on the matter for a month but maybe that makes me all the more qualified? I’m going to be ‘Moses’ on this one people. How ironic since I’m reading Exodus in my quite time right now.
Moving on!

My subject is……………

>drum roll< …………………………..

Transition of Friendship!

I will be writing about changes that occur throughout the seasons of life and unpacking questions tucked in with what that looks like. Stay tuned to see what all Jesus and me pull out of the bag in the next 31 days. I have the month outlined for now but that could be subject to change depending on your comments and where the Spirit leads me.

For the most part that will be my focus then on Wednesday I’ll do a WIWW post and also do a Foodie Friday to break it up. I still feel drained just thinking of writing about one thing for 31 days! Maybe next year I’ll buckle down and do it – who knows!

I’ll be linking up here. Click October 1 to check out other bloggers who are crazy along with me to take on this challenge! I’ll also attach my button daily and be linking up with them so it will be available on each post.
Happy weekending everybody!

31 Days 2014 II

4 thoughts on “Home at last and Topic Reveal for 31 days!

  1. I am so looking forward to your October blogs!! Yay!! And that topic especially. I cannot wait to read. 🙂

    And, your new pictures on the side bar are gorgeous!!! Just stunning. May I take a guess that it was C. Smucker Photography? I would be absolutely THRILLED with pictures half that amazing!


  2. I miss you, Jolynn! I’m just sitting here, eating my Sunday lunch of green beans and fish, and lovingly remembering all the happy times we spent together!


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