31 Days of Intentional Friendship Directory

Intentional 31 days

Day 1 Welcome

Day 2 Not Sure I Want to be Intentional

Day 3 Foodie Friday

Day 4 Finding Purpose

Day 5 A Sunday Wish

Day 6 The Secret to Others Feeling At Home in Your Undone Home

Day 7 That Little Van With A Light On Top

Day 8 WIWW Come Alive Once Again

Day 9 A Clue To What Others Are Saying To You

Day 10 Foodie Friday: Salted Caramel Apple Pie Bars

Day 11 Silence Flickers Intentional Friendship

Day 12 – Opps! Forgot You!!

Day 13 There Was A Wedding

Day 14 Like A Room Full of Unfinished Furniture, We Gather

Day 15 What I Wore Wednesday!

Day 16 Day 16

Day 17 Foodie Friday: A Cup You Can’t Put Down

Day 18 A Vignette: Moving Out From Comfort

Day 19 A Prayer for Your Sunday

Day 20 The Night I Left My Cell Phone Behind

Day 21 Because of What She Said

Day 22 Guess What Today Is?

Day 23 We All Have A Right to Speak but Have You Earned The Right?

Day 24 We All Have A Right To Speak But Have You Earned It?

Day 24 Foodie Friday – A Cry For Pie

Day 25 What To Do With Confrontation (yeah, that’s a big scary word that I don’t like either)

Day 26 A Sunday Wish

Day 27 Hello Monday

Day 28 Somethings Never Change

Day 29 Putting Things Away and Pairing Something New

Day 30 Some Friends. Some God.

Day 31 Wrap Up #write31days


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