“Beginnings are Scary…”

Intentional 31 days


October 1st has arrived! And you may be expecting posts on friends and transition here. Well, let me not disappoint you too brutally but this space just got hijacked and you might not see what you expect here. >notice the new button< Funny thing about what one expects. Sometimes the story just doesn’t go as expected. And, that my dear reader is the honest truth.

IMG_1992I’ve been hyper-tuned into the my surroundings ever since nailing down my topic. I had no peace about it and a hard time outlining my posts. The voices God began sending my way started getting louder and chanting the same thing until I got the message loud and clear –

Write from the HEART
-> not from Pressure to Please.

No, I’m not throwing your ideas or my accumulation of notes away just yet but using them for a springboard which
means my topic WILL be on friendship but spill out differently than about ‘transition – the word I previously chose. >notice my new button< I’ve transitioned, if you will, to Intention. Intentional Friendship.
I’m getting more excited now – forREAL. I guess you could say I had a ‘transition of heart to be more intentional about my writing!’ Yay!
Let’s be open with our expectations, open to transition, open to intentional living and come along with me each day to find out how the Spirit is leading. I hope God has something for each one of us here throughout this month! The future might look a bit obscure so stick with me!



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