Do you want Intentional Friendships? Because I’m not sure that I do…

Intentional 31 days

Welcome to Day 2 of 31 Days – every day, for 31 days.

I think it’s ironic that last minute I changed my topic from Transitional friendships to Intentional friendships. I needed a new word for my button and it was Oct 1st’s eve. And getting late. And getting desperate. What word does God pop up?


A word that lately I’ve grown to despise. Because who likes having to think before doing? Or think before saying? It’s way easier to just live and do what comes, come what may, la-de-daa, right? I wanna be the lazy lady and just float. I get exhausted just thinking about having to be intentional. You too?

Ok, so God gave me 31 days to write about being intentional with my girlfriends.

Yes, if I must be honest {and write from the heart this month} being intentional is what I really, really, really, really want. Really. It’s not easy. Easy is easy and hard is, well, hard. Am I making any sense yet?  I really do like the idea of being intentional deep down but I know it’s not like an involuntary muscle where it just happens and I have no control over it. Being intentional means I have to volunteer my brain to God’s brain so that God honoring relating comes floating out. In my legs. And, in my mouth. That is what I really, really, really, really want. How about you?



4 thoughts on “Do you want Intentional Friendships? Because I’m not sure that I do…

  1. This idea of being more intentional–about my work especially–has been nagging at me for many months. I have my own business, so it’s easier to putter around and not get down to work. I think I could go on puttering indefinitely–and NEVER accomplish the dreams I believe God has put in my heart. He’s not going to light a fire under me. Instead, I want and need to pay attention to the fire that’s in my heart. Will I heed it . . . and let the fire flow down to my legs, as you said? Or will I let it blaze and burn itself out inside of me without touching anyone else? Yes, like you, Jolynn, I really, really do want to be intentional and release the inner vision that I believe is from Him. And it truly involves work to do that.


    1. Oh, I just love your comment! Such good thoughts here! Yes, intentionality crosses over into so many other aspects of our lives like work. I like how you already know and see the light that God has put in you but it’s just a matter of taking a next step of heeding that fire in your heart.
      I wish you well as you tap into your intentional desire for your work and what God has called you to do! Keep me posted in the journey!


  2. Being intentional is such a hard choice sometimes, but so worth it in the end. Glad you went with intentional as I think it has more meaning in your friendship journey than transitional would have.


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