Finding Purpose

DAY 4 

Intentional 31 days

It’s day 3 and I’m getting so tired of that intentional word already. I wanna bury my head under my pillow and block it out forever! Maybe purposeful friendships sounds better to me? Hummm…. I think I like it. Not as harsh. Not as difficult sounding as intentional. And, defiantly not as hard. Because hard is hard. And, I’m the lazy lady, remember!

Today let’s think about purpose.

Purpose: The reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.

If we understand the purpose of something we can utilize it better. Like if we knew what the oven is for then we can bake. Bake up a feast. Mr oven has a purpose besides sitting in the kitchen all ginormous and being misused as extra counter space. It can create some real beauties. Amen and Amen.


We can make all sorts of yummy food and different varieties. From amazing crunchy pumpkin biscotti to fresh warm home-made bread. From finger-lickin’ BBQ chicken to best ever potato wedges! {I’m making myself hungry!}

Did you know you have a purpose? You and me were created for a purpose. There’s a reason why you’re here on planet earth. A reason why you are in the country you are in today. A reason for the exact place you live and family you’re a part of.

I know you have a purpose. You’re not just thoughtlessly placed in some random family or random in-laws. And most certainly you are not just here taking up space like your oven might be. There is a purpose for your unique life and personality. A purpose for where you are today.

Do you know your love language or spiritual gift? There is a reason why you have the ones you do.  There’s a reason why your husband or friend is being a challenge lately. There’s a reason why your neighbor is driving you bonkers with their dog always running in your yard. (Ummm, that would be us. We’re the neighbors whose dog is always running in your yard) And, there’s a reason why you are passionate about that thing that enthralls you.

A reason for your very dreams.

I don’t know all the details of what God is doing in your life or mine. But I do know in the midst of all those things He is longing to captivate our hearts. I believe he is continuously calling for our attention to bring our eyes back to Him. He longs to fulfill us. His purpose is to use our lives in a way that brings simple honor and glory to Him. In both the pleasant and sticky situations.

So, if I want to live an purposeful life then I ought to purposely spend time with my God catch a glimpse of what He’s up to.

If I want to live purposely, then I ought to show up for God to speak to me quite offen.

If I want to live purposely with my girlfriends, then I ought to put good, God stuff in me so that good, God stuff will come out in my relating.

If I want to be an purposeful friend, it’s best if I start back at the beginning.

It’s best if I be intentional with my friendship with God.


Hope your enjoying your Saturday morning pumpkin biscotti!


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