a sunday wish

Intentional 31 days

Day five

Continuing my 31 days, everyday in October on Intentional Friendship.

What have I learned so far?

That being intentional is work and takes thought because it doesn’t just happen.
That the dog in your yard is actually ours.

To be intentional, it is a good idea to stay connected to God, my purpose for being.
Good, God stuff in, produces good God stuff out.
That pumpkin biscotti takes amazing on Saturday mornings with coffee.
(leftovers are even better Sunday’s!)




And, so this Sunday, this very cool, autumn Sunday I leave you with a wish for the week to come;

* May you rise up to meet your God daily. Wrap your hands around his Face.
* May you drink in Him and allow him to permeate you down to your toes.
* May you tune in to what your soul really wants and dwell there.
* May your legs outrun our dogs as you chase him into our yard.
* May you come alive in resting in the unique gift God created you as.

* May God’s intentional creation you, walk in fullness of life today.



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