That little van with a light on top

In case you’re jumping in late, I’ve joined up with the Nester and the 31 Day challenge to write every day for 31 days. You can catch up on previous posts here. One of my favorite things about this 31 Day challenge is reading other bloggers posts. You can check the entire 16oo+ bloggers here. It’s a web site created solely for the bloggers to linkup to with categories to organize each theme. It love that it’s a Christian community of bloggers!



Friends gift

Day 7

There is a certain vehicle that when I hear it, I without a doubt, indefinitely, ALWAYS know who it is. That rumble on the road is only ever one person. And, no, it’s not my husband coming from work, unfortunately. I do hear him sometimes but it’s not the same. He comes down a different road.

Anticipation mounts up! I wanna do a cartwheel! – or two or three!

What will be in the mail today?!

I’m totally a kid at Christmas. Nothing makes me happier than the little van with a blinkly light on top. It’s not to far from the truth to see me running. I even get jealous if Jason beats me to the box. It’s a sad day when all I bring back is a stupid little flyer. I just love when I hear that rumble down the road.

I have some friends like that. Ones that I love when they come over because I know they will give me something. I don’t mean a gift or mail. I mean things like encouragment, make me feel good about this or that, tell me I’m creative or affirm me in something.

Do you know someone like that?

Someone who makes you smile way down to your toes. You get giddy just knowing they’re coming over soon. Someone who is positive and so pleasant to be around. And, you’re completely sad to see them go because they give you so much when they walked in the door.

What’s in it for me, by way of intentional talk? I don’t even have a clue! What do you think?

Maybe you can be intentional by being that someone who makes someone else giddy upon your arrival? Maybe you can be intentional in brighting someone else’s days?
Maybe you can be an intentional gift to a friend and show up in their mailbox or inbox or housebox?
maybe you just know that you intentionally like those friends that are sweet to you? That’s intentional knowing right there!


{Or if you want to be intentional to me, just mail me something!}


Join me in my journey towards intentional friendships here!


5 thoughts on “That little van with a light on top

  1. Yes! I know just what you mean and I love how I could feel it through your words. You’re this kind of friend for me and it would make me beyond giddy to have you show up at my door soon. 🙂 I think this might go back to your post a few days ago about being intentional about putting good God stuff in because then being a positive, encouraging kind of friend will happen naturally(spiritually).


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