WIWW Comes Alive Once Again

In case you haven’t hopped on my blog in a while, I’ve joined up with the Nester and the 31 Day challenge to write every day for 31 days. You can catch up on previous posts here. One of my favorite things about this 31 Day challenge is reading other bloggers posts. You can check the entire 16oo+ bloggers here. It’s a web site created solely for the bloggers to linkup to with categories to organize each theme. It love that it’s a Christian community as well!




I will attempt to resurrect my WIWW posts.

31 days - WIWW day 8 II

Dear Lord, what am I getting myself into?

My original passion for this has died a long time ago. I’m pretty sure I don’t have any authority on fashion but I like clothes if that counts for something. Maybe my pictures can offer ideas of what to throw together and maybe encourage you to be ok with what you already have. I’m leaning on the super modest side of the line.

This is one mother’s post and pics on fashion.

October 2 was our 4th Anniversary! Yes, we made it this far! It sounds not very far at all compared to 17 years.


Thursday, the actual day of our anni, we went down to the little hole in the wall Mexican restaurant, Los Comales. It is indeed a favorite. One of my favorite waitress there served us and I couldn’t help but proudly proclaim the reason for our eating out. She smiled and wished us well. Told us that we’ll get to 17 years someday. On the way out I asked her if she’s married. “No, she said.” “But I wish I was.” It made me sad that she wasn’t. More to the story she’s pregnant. I really like her and wish that someday her dream may come true.


Saturday, we put our feverish child to Jason’s sister to babysit and then went out to eat at the surprising loud and busy Cheddars. We wolfed down our food trying to as best we could to tune out the super fussy disturbing child in the background. (Note to self: take whinny child OUT of building when fussy.) Then watched The Song. I cried through almost half of it if not more. It was a good movie and a timely reminder to be intentional with my family.

This is what I wore that night.




Sweater and lacy bottom black tights from Kohls. #iheartkohls


The skirt was thrifted by my Atlanta friend and sent IN THE MAIL to me. Yes, that was one HAPPY DAY!!!


My pretty green sandals are from Target.

Do I need to add the disclaimer that it is still 90* here in Texas. Yes, I am wondering – where IS fall…

Disclaimer #2 – I had too much fun posing for my husband 🙂


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7 thoughts on “WIWW Comes Alive Once Again

  1. I love seeing what you put together. And if you want to switch up your wiww post, you could do a WMHW (what my husband wore) and WMSW (what my son wore). I’m guessing Jason would be thrilled. 😉


  2. I love when you do these posts! Your sweater is so fun and matches your personality and I like how you paired it with the scarf! Aah, the skirt! I got a little thrill to be mentioned here. 🙂


  3. I love seeing the colors and matches you come up with, Jolynn! And the idea of WMHW, now that is hilarious! Looking forward to more posts!!!!


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