Like A Room Full of Unfinished Furniture, We Gather

Join me as I attempt to pump out a post every day, for 31 days! So far I’ve only missed Sunday due to a wedding and traveling and such. I’ve linked up with the Nester here. You can follow many, many others there. Like 1600+

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 Day 14


When she walks in the door she habitually asks,

“So what new projects have you been working on lately?”

Only her. Seriously, I love her!

Crafty is not always how I feel. But she makes me believe I am Thee Super Crafty Woman and always dipping my hands into something fresh like Martha Stewart. A fabulous, fashionable DIYer. She distills   confidence in me like I am more than what I am. And that she approves my projects is even cooler still!

That’s where I am today. Working on projects. A handful might never get done. The other handful is still wafting around in my head dreaming of being fulfilled. Then there are those that need to be redone, like my bar stools. Must I even mention those out loud?. . . .

Friendships are like DIY projects. We’re not all factory models of the exact same thing like armchairs. We are like different unique pieces that might need work to make us better. As I mull over my DIY projects around my unfinished home, I think of my friendships that are not near perfect either.

Like a room full of unfinished furniture we gather. Bearing flaws, we gather.

I see the vision for my DIY’s and what they could become. I’m guilty of seeing a vision for my friends and what they could become. There is a vision. A picture. A hope. And, a chance for each of their futures to become.

Yes, bearing flaws we gather. We are not finished projects yet. Not until we get to heaven. Each of us needs a little bit more work. More sanding. More paint. More glue. A snip here or snip there. More taking off the old and putting on the new. We are in the process of becoming. God the master DIYer is not finished with me or you or any of us yet.

He has a vision for each of us and what we can become. He has a vision for us in the midst of our too revealing flaws. Too loud. Too busy. Too stubborn. Too competitive. Too insecure. Too afraid. Not enough and the list goes on.

God, the Master DIYer knows I haven’t arrived yet and He knows that I still need His intervention. His correction. His loving hands smoothing over my rough and calloused heart. His grace and forbearance tenderly casting a vision on my battered and ugly soul. He sees my flaws. He sees even brighter my future and a vision. I am unfinished and bearing flaws. I am a work in progress to fulfill God’s vision. I am beautiful in God’s eyes. He is ok with me today and has a vision for my tomorrow.


O  O  O  O  O

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8 thoughts on “Like A Room Full of Unfinished Furniture, We Gather

  1. Again I am touched! You have a way of digging in with a soft touch and capturing the soul. I’d like to get to know the wonderful lady behind the words. I am encouraged!!!


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