Because of What She Said

Day 21! (10 more days to go!!!)

You know when you hear a phrase and it sticks in your mind all day? It lingers, not always welcomed, like smoke from a candle puffed out.

“I want what God wants.”

She said this.
She who her husband has been diagnosed with acute leukemia 4 long weeks ago.
She who sleeps in his hospital room to be close to him.
She who remains mostly by his side.
She who loves and cares like crazy for her very sick lover.

“I want what God wants.”

How can she say this, I panic.
Again it creeps around my dense brain. I don’t understand how she can admit to this. Wanting what God wants? What if God doesn’t want what she wants?

day 21

That was over 6 months ago. Today, she and her husband are still on a journey to better health. Her husband is recovering from leukemia. The journey was hard. Still is hard at times. Just recently she shared difficulties with fresh tears. Each time she shares, the unseen vapor permeates – she wants what God wants. She doesn’t need to say it.

Intentional friends say real truths. Voicing their hearts with all vulnerability they risk openness. Intentional friends dig deep with each other. Granted her journey was/is raw and stressful. A spouse’s life on the line is never easy. But, what rich friendship established for sharing vulnerable, gut truths. What real emotional telling. What tender whisperings. Whether deliberate or not, her words etched a stirring in my soul that sent me searching to know my God more.

“Do I want what God wants?”

I’m not sure her words were intentional but they were intentionally used by God. Her soul bearing equalled my soul-searching. Don’t friends challenge each other? Spur each other on to good places? Her words, her life, were an esteemed example to me. Her hearts desire, vulnerable and surrendered, spoke volumes. God used her.

I wanted her desire.

To look me in the eye and breathe her desire assured me I was a trusted soul.  Intentional friends are safe places for each other. Her words were uttered on a trustworthy heart. Hearts that know with certainty, “This is a safe place.”


Intentional friends are that for each other. Safe. Welcomed without judgment. Honest and secure.
Intentional friends offer safe and trusted space to be real. 


>> Are you a safe place? Can others be real with you?
>> Do you have a safe friend that you can be real with?



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