Guess What Today Is?

Day 22

It’s ‘What I Wore Wednesday‘ time.

I really wanted to feature a chic outfit from Sunday but I didn’t stay in it long enough for the picture to happen.

Todays WIW was intentionally deemed to NOT be something pink since the last two WIWers were.
I didn’t realize that my ‘go-to’ color appears to be pink or maybe it just so happens that my current comfy pieces I own are pink.
Whatever the reason,  I purposed to make that next WIW something DIFFERENT.
I wanted to wear fall colors, red, orange or brown but it didn’t happen. Come back in a week to see what I come up with next.

Today we have purple and aqua.




The purple shrug I’ve had since who knows how long.

Ruffle tank is from Target.

The skirt is from Goodwill – H&M

It’s amazing what neat combinations you can come up with when you go on a clothing fast. I’m not doing it for a certain length of time.
I’m just doing it.
For now.

For me I realized that I actually don’t ‘NEED’ anything new clothes since August and what I have in my closet is actually nice. So I decided to cease the spending on clothes and just see how long I can go until I absolutely, without question, no doubt about it, can’t go out in public another day, must get something to wear!
If you have any questions feel free to ask! If you’d like to join me please do! I’d love to hear how long you ever went or want to go or are going without spending money on (personal) clothes!
Leave me a comment!


{What I ate Wednesday}


And, I just for the record Dairy Queen has thee best soft serve ice cream.



9 thoughts on “Guess What Today Is?

  1. Wow, it’s refreshing to actually be reading the experiences of another modest woman who knows what living simply is while still enjoying the pleasures of exploring the ‘you’ inside of each girl that has ever lived! Being one who has shopped second hand for forever (or so it seems) who only just recently added some things to her closet over the summer after wearing the same skirts for years, I am always inspired and am finding new ways to pair up ‘old’ clothes! I love it! It makes me feel more resourceful, a better steward of what I own and altogether a better woman. Funny how those small things make a difference, hmm? Don’t get me wrong, there’s no joy like going on a shopping ‘spree’ for the fun of it, but I guess it’s helped me learn to value more of what I already own, so that I can make a wiser choice whenever I’m given the opportunity to take the plunge! Have any of you felt that way?


    1. I almost broke tonight and bought a coat for the colder weather. Almost. (Whoah!)
      Yes to feeling resourceful! Yes to being a good steward! I think that when I do ‘break’ and buy something it will be a big meaningful and very appreciated moment! Thanks for commenting!


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