We All Have A Right to Speak but Have You Earned The Right?

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Day 23 of Intentional Friendship

Day 23

This Intentional Friendship post today frightens me a bit. It’s about knowing when to speak. Knowing when it’s safe to say hard things to a friend. I have a feeling this message is for some of you, as it is for me as well. Sometimes I just gotta exercise my freedom of speech a little too much. You too?

Please, read carefully as I tread softly on easily misinterpreted words….

It’s not about having a right to speak but earning the right to speak

I’m scared to talk about it because I’ve made mistakes and voiced my opinion one to many times. It was just that. My opinionated opinion. So, I haven’t arrived in this idea of earning a right to speak.

Also, I had experiences in the past where I did speak and my words were quickly guarded out; quickly defended. Where I exercised my right to speak. I have sat through a difficult conversation before where I felt stupid for even saying what I said because the other did not hear but defended and explained themselves. Had I earned the right to speak? Did I say it wrong? To accusing or harsh? Where they just not ready to hear?

What is earning the right to speak?

Is earning the right to speak like giving your opinion? However soft or strong?
Is it exercising my right to speak?
Is it like speaking into their lives about something they are doing that is questionable according to the Bible?
Is it suggesting they consider a different way? Different choice?
Is it speaking to them about what everybody else in the neighborhood is saying behind their backs about them?

How do you know when you’ve earned the right to speak?
Is there a certain point in your relationship where you just know?
Have they ever taken things off of you in the past?
If you voice your opinion often, will what you have to say this time have weight?
Are they open to change and correction?
Does it take evaluating the relationship to know if it’s safe to speak?
How upsetting will your words be?
Can you tell if they are ready to hear?

Yes, will they even hear my words? Based on how we already communicate, will they hear my words and where I’m coming from or will they bounce off? Will they take it openly or laugh it off? From their view, they might not see it the way you do. They might not understand where you’re coming from. So will they hear?

In another experience of mine, I wasn’t prepared for her to inform me of her side of the story. How they see it. If you’ve earned the right to speak, be open to hearing them out. Be open to seeing their point of view. Recognize the good you already see in them. Because to them, it’s already thought out, planned out, makes the most sense to them and whatever other reasons they have. What they say might be good. Will you be open to listen.

Be open to hearing from others for others to hear from you.

Hearing something hard is personally very upsetting. But to hear a positive about me or be reminded of something good related to the subject that I am already doing well would made hearing the hard stuff a bit more receivable.

Is my message for me to tell?

Sometimes we burn with something to tell a friend. I suggest praying about talking with them. Listen to the Holy Spirit direct you in your future conversations. Wait for an opportune moment to open up – don’t force it. Trust God to use you if He must. Trust God that he’s got your friend in the palm of His hand too. God sees them and cares for them more than you do.
Yes, He cares more than you do.
Sometimes it takes letting go of our desire for change and trusting God with speaking to them.

(And, maybe if you’re burning and emotionally involved, now is not the best time to speak. Stepping back, giving some space and seeking God’s heart on the matter might do you some good. God is still at work, still in control even if you’re giving yourself rest from the issue.)

Lastly, how would you like to be approached? What makes you more susceptible to hearing well?

I invite any questions or comments. This post doesn’t feel complete but that is the feeling I’ve been having lately as I try to quickly get a post out a day. Especially a post as meaty and touchy at this one.

Have you even spoken to someone? Been spoken to? How did it go? What did you learn from either of those experiences?


7 thoughts on “We All Have A Right to Speak but Have You Earned The Right?

    1. I feel like my ramblings made zero sense! Glad you liked it! I think it was more questions and ramblings then anything. My main point was that sometimes we say things that fall on deef ears. And sometimes we say things don’t impact because we haven’t earned the right to say them…. Sigh. I feel lime this one wasnt very Clear! 😄


      1. I just now discovered the ‘follow’ button…oh dear, that would explain the late postings. One question in particular pulled on my heartstrings, because I have asked it so many times…’why do they not hear me?’ I have struggled with this more than anything, but you know I didn’t take much time to ponder *what* I said or how I said what i did that caused someone not to listen.
        I lost many friends who couldn’t accept me for who I was either because they were unwilling or unable to express the depth of vulnerability intentional friendship demands of us. When I look back, I realize I could have said something differently or not said as much to someone and I’m sure I did not help the situation by speaking rashly or out of place. It’s incredible how easily I can say something and demand someone to answer a direct question, but often I’m too timid to peer within my own heart to search for a deeper answer.
        I feel like I’m rambling, but please bear with me. I know that you, my friends go through the same struggle and I appreciate what you share.


      2. I’m sorry for your loss of friends. Intentionality requires wisdom in judging character as well. Sounds like your learning a lot about friendships and yourself. Knowing your true self, tendencies and personality and bringing all that you are to the feet of Jesus is a beautiful thing. “Bind my wondering heart to thee…” we sing. Bless you for sharing!


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