Foodie Friday – Cry for Pie


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Day 24


Why are their 5 Fridays this month? This business of getting up, baking food every Friday is getting to be a bit of work. I’m ready for this month to end. Especially since I woke up today with a stiff muscle in my neck and a teething 17 month old who needs extra love and attention. I’m not complaining. I’m just saying that baking these 2 pies is all we got done this morning.


On the bright side, positing Foodie Fridays is making me plan ahead. Today I made pies for my guests coming over Sunday evening. (Yes, Sarah and Julie reading this… you’re getting pie for dessert Whoop, Whoop!)
Also, I finally gave my handed-down-for-3-generations pie crust recipe a try!

My 21-year-old self is doing cartwheels and screaming, “Yay! You made a pie crust!”
While my 31-year-old self is matter of factly saying, “Ok, first pie crust made. Check.”

So, yes, pie crust (and pie) is a big deal. To me.




Growing up, mom only made pies at Thanksgiving. They were about 4 regular pecan pies. And, they were for our family reunion. We had pie once a year. By way of desserts, we lived on cookies and bars and you can’t forget the Turkey Hill ice cream (here its Blue Bell – so. NOT. the. same)

Other people freak out when I tell them my pie story. And then they list dozens if not hundreds of pies they had growing up.

Well, I got my Martha Stewart Living Magazine in the mail for November. The front cover looked like this:


So, I purposed to myself that I am going to make a pie this fall.


Today, I made Maple Pecan Pie from my dear Martha Mag. After I made ‘my’ crust. (Not her’s which gets refrigerated for 2hrs before you can use it. I don’t have time for that.)

Click HERE for recipe!


Oh my stars! Yummy X 100!



And with the other crust (I had enough dough for two) I made an Apple Pie with my canned pie filling.

Day 24 apple





The first guinea pig to try the pie said he really liked the crust part! Yay! Taste is all that matters when it come to pie crusts, right? Not how they looks? #atleastyoudontseethecrust

But the pie? Now that looks too good to pass up!


So we are filling up on pie this weekend!
Come on over y’all!
Happy Fall!


10 thoughts on “Foodie Friday – Cry for Pie

  1. Oh, that maple pecan pie looks like one yummy marriage of New England and the South! It just deserves to be made with all the chilly weather we’re having here in FL. So sorry about your ice cream situation. One of our grocery stores (owned by a regional food chain), has recently begun selling surprisingly affordable, organic chocolate and vanilla ice cream, and I swear it tastes like homemade.


    1. I hear you might be stopping in next week! Yay! Like meeting my friends friends! And maybe, just maybe I’ll have some pie left for you? I doubt you’ll find organic ice cream here though- haha! 😊


  2. Wow, did I actually just finish baking two lovely, maple pecan pies? Yes, I did, and yes, I am coming to visit Lott. 🙂 I decided to embrace the festive mood autumnal weather always seems to bring, and treat my family before I leave them behind. To any Deep South readers: this pie recipe is not that gooey, sticky pie that Aunt Sally brings to every family get-together. My first impression was that of a thick maple custard with nuts on top, but it is still very yummy and almost like a comfort food if you eat it warm. I also reduced the maple syrup and the b. sugar by two-thirds each, and it is still plenty sweet–not sure if it affected the texture at all.


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