Somethings never change

Day 28

you are here



Where’s YOUR red dot?



When we first moved in this house we heard that thump-thump on the roof quite often. Now, almost 4yrs later, we don’t even think about it anymore.

For whatever reason, I was telling someone recently about our squirrel and it’s ‘highway.’ Then yesterday, I distinctly heard him run the span of our roof again. I smiled. Content.

Somethings never change.

I like the quirks of our house. I like that we have a squirrel that repeatedly runs our roof highway. I like that we have a dog that runs and jumps around when we let him out (though most days I wish he were dead) I like that our AC kicks in right about the time I’m putting Gavin down for bed. It’s like our house is humming him to sleep with its sweet, soft hum.

I also like that I have a best friend that has been my friend for 15 years. I like that we can call, visit, e-mail, instagram, face book, text message, private message and what other social media am I missing? Oh, FaceTime! Yes, I like that we can stay connected with each others lives every step of the way. I like that though we both may change our bond hasn’t seemed to alter by it. Sometimes we go through sticky things together. Sometimes there are tears. Neither of us is perfect. Yet, in the end we are for each other. No matter what.

Somethings never change.

I am thankful that my red dot finds me today grateful for my friend. The one that never changes.


I wonder as you’re reading this someone comes to mind for you. I’m glad for you if there is that someone in your life. Every girl longs for that one friend. One to share our red dots with (->you are here kinda red dot), change and grow older with and of course, laugh about our funnies with.

I wonder if you are lonely? If you’re reading this and you feel cheated and haven’t every really developed that friendship, I hope for you that one day you will. I hope you someday realize that you do have that friend. I hope that where ever you are right now you are paving the road for that future friend. That one day a sorta friend has transformed into that forever friend.

If you lost your forever friend, I hope for you that God will redeem the dry years. Redeem the tears you cried over your loss and carry you. That God will fill you and complete you. He is more than all you ever may you need. Hold his hand warmed thickly with trust. Perhaps a new friend is being fashioned for you while you weep.

Each of us has a different story. A story all our own and uniquely ours to tell.
Can you say “yes” to where God has you today, your red dot, with your friendships?
Can you lean in hard to His hope for what may come of your troubled friendships?
Can you say “thank you” for what friends you already have?
Can we search deep for that void and longing for true friends that know us and discover that only Jesus can and longs fill us completely?



9 thoughts on “Somethings never change

      1. Thank you! It is less of issues with friends and more of transitioning (still!). Leaving behind my home and those friends and making new friends in our new community. Feeling in-between both worlds.


      2. Ohhh! When I moved to Texas 5 yrs ago I went through a transition in friendships and it rocked my world like never before! Its hard for sure! I frel better about it now- 5 yrs out but still it’s a struggle some days! May your struggle take you to good places!


  1. This hits home for me, given it has been a rocky road. But I am grateful He mends hearts and makes them whole, despite the challenges we go through at times.


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