Putting Things Away and Pairing Something New

Day 29 – of writing every day for 31 days in October.
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My theme – Intentional Friendship with the exception of WIWWednesday (today) and Foodie Friday.
(I have been thinking Foodie Friday isn’t a good way to end this series. So come back tomorrow and the next day to see how this dance ends!)


First of all, LOVE this pin from Pinterest. You can follow my boards HERE.


More than one of my husband’s sisters has suggested we put several of our one-year-old sons toys away. Point being, rotate them out so he doesn’t get board with his toys. Been there? Yup. You could also try having certain toys they play with only on Sunday or whatever day works for you. This was so that he doesn’t get bored with his toys (which was happening) and to help declutter the play area.

I liked the idea.

I put away his little red wagon with maga blocks a couple of months ago which he wasn’t even interested in anyway and it just took up space in our 2×4 house. Until recently I got it out again. At almost a year and a half, he LOVEs it.  When I got the wagon out, I put away this Fisher Price barn. Someday down the road we’ll get it out again and then probably put something else away.

He still has a lot of toys but I’ve noticed that his play area doesn’t seem as cluttered as it used to. Score!


I’m getting ready for a yard sale this Saturday and going through my drawers of clothes. I found some shirts stuffed in my bottom drawer that I forgot about. Today it was like, woo-laaa! New clothes! Ok, it was ONE shirt. But if felt like a big deal since I’m going through a clothing fast. I talk more about it here.

For the yard sale, I’ve been pulling things out of my drawers and shelves and off hangers; finally being honest with myself and what I actually wear. I’m at the place where I don’t care how nice or cute it is, I DON’T wear it.

Once I hung all my clothes and my husbands in our closet on hanger turned backwards. Then after several seasons we both began to see what we actually wear by what clothes was hanging on a hanger the correct way. It was an eye opener and we got rid of a lot of stuff.

My selection of clothing is starting to look rather bleak. That’s ok (she says now). I’ve found myself having to get creative by pairing pieces I’ve never paired before. It is a thrill to force myself to put colors together I never thought of matching before. I don’t know how long this phase will last. Like I said, my collection remaining is looking bleak. And, today I feel ok about it but tomorrow could be a whole other situation.

And, honestly I am starting to get a little antsy to shop again. I told Jason, I just want to go to Old Navy and buy stuff on clearance for next summer. Or Target clearance or my recent love, Target Cartwheel. I’m ready to hit Kohl’s. Forever21. GOODWILL!  I don’t think this fast will last much longer. Especially now that it’s finally feeling a bit more like fall around here. Today it’s only supposed to reach a high of 81 degrees. Bring it on! I gonna need fall shirts and sweaters and coats! 🙂

The other day I saw a few clumps of leaves in our front yard trees changing color. You have no idea how thrilled this Yankee living in the South is. No idea.

So today I’m wearing the shirt I was happily reacquaint with and a skirt I finally chopped the bottom 3 inches off. I wore it long enough tooooo tight and today was the day to just do it. Ship! Someday I might hem it like a good seamstress would.

I am comfy.
I am at home today.
This is how I roll.





I promised a fall outfit for today, I remembered. Don’t get worried. As I was having fun pairing different things that I’ve never paired before, I came up with this.




I love how the scarf pops against the orange.
Someday soon I’ll wear this! I can’t wait.
It feels ‘new’.
It feels ~ oh, so fallish!

I wanna go paint a pumpkin now. . . .


11 thoughts on “Putting Things Away and Pairing Something New

  1. You’re so cute, girl! It feels good to decrease, though. Right now, I’m in the Dallas airport with basically my entire wardrobe in a suitcase in the belly of a plane. 😛 That thing better not get lost, yo.


  2. Nice! Yeah, Fall has a way of dashing new colors everywhere, especially in our wardrobe- at least mine! It always puts me in a celebratory mood. 🙂
    Where’s the yard sale going to be located?
    I might want to stop by for a look-see and maybe give you a little spending money for your trek to the mall. 😉


    1. It’s like this, I have the book 7 after hearing so many good things about it. At the time I was reading like 2 or 3 other books and then when I finished someone told me I should read Jen Hatmaker’s other book first so I haven’t read it yet. Someday I should just read it. I’ll probably never get her other book, so why keep waiting?!


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