Wrap Up #write31days

Day 31

I did it! I made it!

My last and finally post for this challenge. I only skipped one day!
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Intentional 31 days

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I have been soooooo challenged by this 31 days of blogging this year. I don’t remember that I felt this exhausted 3 years ago when I last did it. My topic was whatever random things I wanted to post about – Dancing Freestyle, (<click to cheek it out). This year I choose a theme and while it did narrow down what I had to write about, it also ended up creating pressure for me to write posts on topics that I felt like I had to attack. So while the writer in me was trying to get out, I was side tracked by my booming stats and comments from new readers and worst, comparing my blog to other blogs. That’s when I began feeling like I should write about certain topics (and stopped listening to that still small voice) You see I was engrossed in reading other blogs that I subtly got sucked into being like them and less like the uniqueness of me

**Mental note for future: When I start telling myself “I think I should write about xyz” that is my warning sign. Then I probably should NOT.


Leaving the direction God was leading and trying to be somebody else, I fell. And it wore me out. I got so exhausted last wknd as I took on pressure to write about topics I assumed my readers were expecting me to cover. Monday and Tuesday this week I just rested because my brain felt so fried and my body weighed down. Like gravity was extra forceful those days. Tuesday afternoon I began to feel recharged and back to myself. But, I’ve never felt that worn out before.


All because of the pressure I put on myself.

This is my crazy story. I feel like I’m spawning on another chapter in the diary of a wimpy kid. But it’s my story.
Whether I like it or not.
Whether I’m wimpy or not.
Whether telling it makes me look cool or not.

Aside from the negative experiences….

I do feel like I was at a good time in my life to do this challenge. I have a 17 month old. That’s all. If I ever have more children in the immediate future, I don’t think I’ll be able to do this challenge in the next year or two. I wonder if I’ll keep my every 3 years streak going?… Writing takes time and thought and a lot of my attention. Which is what my child also needs and takes.

I liked having a topic to keep me focused and writing in advance helped tremendously! I loved exploring the topic of friendship and how it has impacted me throughout my life.



The top 5 most commented/popular posts were:



Where do we go from here?
The exciting thing for me was having a topic because it changed the way the blog. I’m looking forward to writing in the future now and you can hopefully expect a different style here. I’m always learning more about writing. This challenge helped develop that skill. My style has definitely changed over the years and especially in the last month. I’m excited to bring my talent to the Lord and add some salt to your day.

I don’t know where all this writing will lead. Will I stay here in my little corner of the world-wide-web? Will this blog peter-out some day? Will I advance my blog eventually? Maybe go premium or buy a domain? Will I venture out and write that book?? Who knows! But for now, here I am.

I am a blogger. A writer.
I am incomplete and unfinished.
I experience intriguing and stretching things.
I write about it here.

See ya next week!


2 thoughts on “Wrap Up #write31days

  1. It’s been a stretch for me too focusing on the topic of friendship with you as I have read, but I gained much through the course of it. Thanks Jolynn 🙂 I’m looking forward to seeing how future posts will unfold!


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