On the other hand



It truthfully feels like I can’t remember what I was doing before October hit. Before the #write31days challenge began. I can’t even remember what I used to think about besides friendships; my topic. My brain has been sorta numb walking out of the challenge and yet, when I do have other thoughts opposed to friendship I revert to a brief moment to scolding myself, promising to think about that other thought later. Albeit, I CAN think those other thoughts now. Hello.

It is november. I, on the one hand am glad it’s November because that means October is over and no more stressing thinking about what to blog each day or what to wear. :/

On the other hand, I’m freaking out that Thanksgiving is on the horizon and then Christmas!

And, on the other hand, it’s been warm here for SSOOOOO long that this colder weather, which was welcomed with glee last week, is making me panic due to not knowing how to dress suddenly. (I’m sure I will figure it out soon, and I’ll remember all those fun scarves and boots) This also is inducing my desire to go shopping. I actually found an Old Navy coupon and saved it this morning.
Dressing my son has been a bit of a challenge. No more easy shorts and t-shirts. I have to get in gear with these strange, long, stiff jeans and long-sleeved shirts for him. Not to mention socks and shoes. So much hassle to get out the door. Sweats are the most comfy I say, since he’s still in diapers. And the boots we got him. Easy. My quest in life: ease and convenient.



Excited about this riding toy car purchase. Yard-sale-ing Saturday had been particularly kind to me. I found just want I wanted and a couple extra bonuses I didn’t know I needed. The car for Gavin was the one and only thing on my list that I ‘need-needed’ this year. He almost lives on said car his entire awake existence.

And these old 1966 edition books. I can’t get over the smell. I can’t get over their pretty covers.
Altogether now, 1. 2. 3. Swwoooon!


Can I just say, on the other hand, that this time change has been a doozy on me. I told Jason that it must be the older I get that it’s harder on me to adjust to changing our clocks. He didn’t say much but in the back of my mind, I think it has been hard on all THREE of us.

6 o’clock on a Sunday morning. Grrr! Count me out and under the covers. <-If only. We had breakfast before 8 that day.

And the following day.

Had I mentioned I was sleep deprived??

It’s true. I have been so behind sleep ever since, and, yes, it’s only Tuesday. But lack of sleep does something to my mommy-ing skills. As Lysa TerKurst says, “I don’t wake up thinking mean things.”

I’ll leave it at that.












Now, how about that nap?. . . . . . . .


7 thoughts on “On the other hand

  1. i kinda want to dive into that first photo!
    and those books are sweet. i love old books. and yes, the smell!
    your “on the other hand” lines had me smiling..
    reminded me of Fiddler on the Roof where Tevye is always arguing with himself. ;))
    and with ya on the time change.
    i’m always like, “who’s idea was this anyway??!” :/


    1. Lol! You girls have me laughing already! I hate it when DST stops/starts too! It totally ruins your routine.
      Jo, we never have enough time for anything with all the stuff we have to be doing, but I guess making the moments we are given matters most!


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