Have You Not Noticed?

To Mothers, Waiting-to-be-Mothers, Caregivers, Aunts and of course, Grandmothers,


“So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed!” -John 8:36


I can’t help but catch that ‘free’ feeling as my eyes quickly trail my free-spirited toddler spinning carelessly around the back yard.


What an liberating feeling to run.
To bolt out the back door.
To scamper unrestrained.

What a picture of freedom.

Of unbound life.


Safe & secure.



Being a mother I’ve willingly adopted new emotions. Children do that to a caregiver. Suddenly bursting with so many never encountered before emotions and the only one word that can explain it for me is pride. Pride drizzled with happy tears.

I can’t get over that smile. That giggle. His joy of having momma chase him. Momma who wants him.

It’s hard-core love on each part I’m sure.



No “I’m mad at you because __” or “I’m still angry that I had to finish my peas.” He easily forgets. But bounces in the other direction hoping I’ll chase him and hugs tight when I swing him up to my chest.

I easily forget all my frustrations between us when I see him run.

This boy has been teaching me about the character of God and I hadn’t even noticed.


God keeps coming to me. Chasing {me}.
Every. time. I do wrong.


13 thoughts on “Have You Not Noticed?

  1. This is really beautiful. Thank you! I don’t see God as delighting in me as much as I wish I could. But sometimes it hits me-especially when my husband reminds me that He loves me as much as I love my children. OR when I read a post like this. ❤


  2. “I easily forget all my frustrations between us when I see him run.” Oh how I share these same feelings when I see my three year old run into my arms and say, “It’s ok, pretty momma.” Beautifully written. I love your pictures full of life and freedom.


  3. So beautiful. As a mom of 3, this touched my heart deeply and brought me to tears. Children are truly gifts from God that we get to slowly unwrap and find out more of who they are and, like you said, find out more of who WE are! Thanks for sharing!



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