Having An Acorn Heart


We have this Red Oak tree behind our house that is gorgeous in the fall. It is gorgeous in the summer too but in the fall it turns this beautiful full autumn hue of red, which we are still patiently awaiting to see. Until then it inhabits a squirrel or two or three. We’re never certain of the number of its inhabitants but we hear and see them quite frequently. And, the boy child is eager to point them out to us when they zig-zag down tress or dart across the lawn.

Right now, that tree is busy, as busy as the squirrels. It is dropping tons of thousands of acorns all over our back yard. It’s so bad that when you walk under the tree it feels like your crunching on marbles. So, I did what any precautions momma would do to protect her family from
perceived harm, I raked them up. To which the husband almost laughed-out-loud when I
told him.

As I was kneeling over and scooping up piles of acorns with our slobbery in-my-face dog and curious boy bouncing around me I thought to myself, what could I create that is fallish and Thanksgivingish with these thing?

My sign hanging above the table needed a makeover anyway. A couple of days ago I had wrapped it with gift wrap I got in the Target $1 bins.


Now it is my Acorn Heart.
I can’t say {I_heart_acorns} yet. But I do {heart} my creation with a hot glue gun – ha!




My acorn heart hangs on a wall that I suddenly began to realize is compiled up mostly of nature-y things that I’ve collected around my neighborhood.

Cotton from a farmer down the road.
Berries from an abandoned house in town.
Nest from our tree in the front that Jason rescued for me.
The shelf from neighborhood yard-sale several years ago and the keys I found for like $.85 or something like that when I was in town. I’ve thought about repainting them but haven’t decide on a color.
The basket that the cotton hangs out in is from Wal-Mart. Probably a $1.
The chalkboard binding over there my mom picked up at Goodwill and we used them in our wedding pictures.
And the vase is from who knows where! I don’t even like it but it’s small and I like that it has a narrower top to keep things together.


Decorating on a budget. There you have it. I wasn’t even going to write about that but you got it anyway! May your weekend be inspiring to go look outside and use what you got for free!



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