Thanksgiving Leftovers

I was so excited to see that the feature ‘snow’ is back on wordpress! I just love it! It looks so wintery! and pretty! and seasonal!

Walking away from Thanksgiving 2014, I’m surprisingly finding myself randomly, almost daily finding things I’m thankful for. I think God has gripped my heart and opened my eyes to see the real beauty found in the normal.

One day I was suddenly made aware of how efficient modern machines are like our WASHER. Could you imagine scrubbing and washing clothes like they used to in the 1800’s? No, me neither. And for that I am most thankful. Who would have time for that anyway?

That dryer is handy-dandy too when it’s 30 degrees outside and you are in no frame of mind to expose your dainty, made for warmth fingers to that kind of weather and that kind of coordination for said fingers involved in line drying pants and shirts.

Dryer? I think yes.

I love my dishwasher. You can hide out all the dirty dishes quick before friends come over and – Whoo-laa! You have a tidy kitchen!

So I’m thankful for appliances in cold December.


I’m also thankful for friends who love you in-spite of what you don’t have. Like Sunday night how we made last minute plans to have friends over for soft pretzels only to notice that 30 before arrival time we have no cheese for dipping sauce. Nothing like a quick text to see if a friend has some on hand. Which she did.

The whole evening was an impulsive gesture and next we were fretting 20 before arrival time when we noticed the dough wasn’t rising either. We were saying things like ‘maybe we can just order pizza….’ Everything turned out fine and I think my husband was surprised how my spontaneity actually does work! {wink-wink!} But I couldn’t have pulled it all off alone. He is defiantly my other helping half!


IMG_3242Hope ya’ll had a warm and friendly Thanksgiving!

We sure did!




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