Christmas Comes to Hackberry Ave

Merry Christmas 2014

As I sit here waiting for my steel-cut oats to finish simmering, I wrap up my advent reading and then will myself to blog.

I see now that determining to blog 2x/week starting in December was rather foolish of me. December is Bizember!






Not only that but I’m not sure what to blog about sometimes. I have some ideas swirling around upstairs but when I imagine actually typing them out, they feel feign. Arbitrary. And, subjective.

But, alas, I come through today with a post of Christmas arriving on Hackberry Avenue.


Just when you thought Christmas = winter wonderland… Not so the atmospheric conditions in Texas.
I know, 5+ years uprooted it settles nice with me.




This was our very first year to add a tree to our seasonal festive decorations. Trees are so much fun to decorate with a 1-year-old. He is his daddy’s number one fan and so therefore feels empowered to DO everything he see’s his daddy do.

photo 1

Beings our first year to decorate a tree, we only had a few pieces to add to the tree. But, we both don’t care. Rather a beautiful tree where you can actually see it then so much stuff. And, we both weren’t in the mood to suddenly buy new balls and fancy-smancy things the first year. We both like meaning and so eventually over the years perhaps our tree will collect dear and precious ornaments that have sentimental value and memories.

photo 1

To kick that vision off, the other Sunday we made cinnamon ornaments. I pinned the recipe from here and your more than welcomed to try it. I have memories of making these as a kid at Pioneer Clubs – a Wednesday night Bible clubs at a local church growing up. We didn’t have a Christmas tree as a child and so we’d hang the holiday scented shapes in the windows instead. It was super neat to actually hang them on a tree for the first time.


photo 4

Rolling out the dough and cutting out shapes together as a family was so much fun – as is anything with a 1-year-old. He L O V E D  it! This boys loves all things dough. Guess what we got him for christmas?

After they dried, and after I had a free morning, I helped Gavin paint them with glue and then shake gold glitter on top and hang them on the tree. For Gavin that was permission to touch and play with the tree.


Ahem, child! Come away from the tree now. Listen to Momma…”
Somehow those hands find it quite difficult to stay out of the tree.


By the way, I am now eating my steel-cut oats. Yummy – with an unexpected crunch. 🙂



I can’t believe it’s 2 weeks minus two days til Christmas.


I don’t wish the time to go fast. It’s going fast enough. That’s why I like to read my advent book, The Greatest Gift by Ann Voskamp. She helps me get in touch with the true meaning of the season and  s l o w  down. I don’t want to not celebrate the birth of Jesus and the coming of our Saviour – He can to SAVE us. Because we need saving whether we acknowledge it or not.

What advent are you reading this year? How about one with your children? I’m on the look out for family advents!

Merry Christmas Season!

Warm and fuzzy


6 thoughts on “Christmas Comes to Hackberry Ave

  1. I love those cinnamon ornaments too. Unfortunately, we are unable to hang them on our [first Christmas tree ever] because it is a baby Florida sand pine, and doesn’t like having to hold things in its sappy fists. ;P


  2. Wow! I’m persuaded simple traditions make the most meaningful memories! My family and I have so many it’s difficult to enumerate them all, but one of our favorites is either watching the ‘Christmas Carol’ movies and/or reading ‘A Christmas Carol’ by Dickens together. It is indeed a wonderful time of year!!!


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