Leaning in before getting swept away in 2015


And so the new year takes off leaping forward causing me to lose track of the day and the date altogether. January you have begun as rushed as a taxi in NYC. Desperate to get somewhere. And fast, mind you. Barely giving me time to get used to writing a squiggly five verses the choppy, erect four.

Story of my life. The days just evaporate right before my eyes. Do I dare continue to blink?

Are you masterminding resolutions for this new year? How long is your list? 88.9FM informed me this morning that the top 5 resolutions people usually make are:
1. Lose weight
2. Get organized
3. Be healthy(ier) over-all
4. Spend less/Save more
5. I forget…. (Probably work out more)

I can’t remember when I last had resolutions. Probably sometime in my teens or early 20’s. Lately I’ve adapted the trend of settling on a word or phrase. Goodbye resolutions that fall short and die out anyway – Hello word to live by and dedicate my year to.

Last year it was be broken.

I don’t know that I was broken. I’d have to ask my husband about that to get a true assessment. Brokenness is something that I desired and wanted then (and still want to be). For clarity’s sake, because in sure your wondering…. I don’t mean, broken bones, laid up in a hospital in some small cow-town out here. I mean soul brokenness. Openness and not bossy, know-it-all, smarty pants always have the last word kinda person (which can erupt forth spewing from me without even hesitation). I’m still learning to take other peoples advise, work together and listen to understand people better.

But, that was last year.

This year, I see I need to rest more. No, no. Not take more naps, though sometimes that would make me so much happier, I mean to allow soul rest.

What does she mean,” you muse out loud.

You know how when you talk to people and that pressure builds up inside like you gotta figure out what to say next or try to be really encouraging and nice or you bulldoze over their words proving how smart you are or what you did that was amazing in the situation or how you know best and this person just really needs to be told and now?
Or how you worry and stew over what you aunt and mom said about you or how your friend did something you are struggling accepting or can’t stop thinking how annoying your husband is when he does XYZ and what you should do about it to change him or how eating that chocolate bar is really what you want but you probably should eat an apple instead and then you spazz about how crappy you eat after licking the last of the chocolate off your fingers that you really are just a fat loser?

You know what I’m talking about?
Wouldn’t it be nice to simply take our heads off and throw them down the bowling ally. I mean, for real. Get rid of all that chatter and worry? Hello!

That, all that ^ is what I want rest from.
{s i g h}
Real Rest

Rest by surrendering all that stuff in my head to God. Rest and then trust.
Trust in my God that has proven himself trustworthy this past year.

Maybe your curious how I might go about this resting. That’s a good question. I’m not so sure myself yet. I’m sure (at least I hope) I’ll be blogging about it in the future. Stay close. We’re in this together. Learning better how to loosen the grip on our lives to commune closer to a caring, trustworthy God who ultimately plans for us to thrive in Him.

So my phrase this year is:
resting in a God I trust.

I’d love to hear your words as you settle on one or a phrase. There no wrong way to do this. Let’s carry on the conversation in the comments!


26 thoughts on “Leaning in before getting swept away in 2015

  1. Yes, this is something I need to do more of. I’d like to be more CARING this year. To think of others more than myself. I’ve got my work cut out for me ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. This is SUCH a good post, Jolynn. Rest is something my own heart has to work towards every day,and it such a journey. There are so many things that can fill our minds + heart – and perfectly good things often times – that the sweet voice of rest and quiet can get pushed away. I’ve found that rest is something you have to be intentional about…making time to be still. Bless you in this!


    1. Yes! I wonder if more people struggle with this. We get carried away with so many things and tangled up with stuff that I tend to agree with you. Rest being intentional, being still, is more rewarding!


  3. Ah, yes. The noise in our heads can get very loud. I love the visual of taking our heads off and throwing them down the bowling alley, Jolynn! ๐Ÿ™‚ My phrase for this year is “I am able,” and it doesn’t refer to me–it refers to God. I’ve been reading some commentary about the book of Numbers and the author talks about how when the spies brought back the report of the land of Canaan, the Israelites just didn’t believe God was able to overcome all the giants and bring them into the land. That is me–most of the time. I am fixed on how far I fall short and on the tremendous mess I am on the inside and out. I feel the pressure to “get over” my stuff and move on–and “right now, if you please.” I put pressure on myself because I’m not looking to the One who is able to deliver me, who is all the time working in me to make me like Jesus. I forget He’s even there–I just grit my teeth and keep on trying to do it all myself. So this year I want to rest too. I want to lean against my very strong and able Father and believe more and more that it’s not up to me to clean up my mess. I want to hear everyday, “I am able”–and believe it, rest in it.


    1. That is so good, Lynne. I remember reading that story in my own devos a couple months back and was challenged that even though the entire nation was doubtful of being able to take the land, Joshua keep believing. I would have caved after hearing everybodies explanations as to why they ‘can’t’.
      I think your phrase has some real depth to it. I wonder how much you’ll change by 2016!


  4. Oh Jolynn these thoughts of yours are wonderful. This post was the perfect reminder to just chill and not get worked up about the little details; something I needed this very moment. >_<
    Although I do have a list of ideas for what I would like to accomplish this year, "Be Brave|Bless God" is my maxim for 2015. ^_^ To take initiative with my 'someday' plans and to rest in the knowledge that the omnipotent One will take care of me.
    Thanks for this post ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. great post! and i totally get it – longing for REST.
    throwing our heads down the bowling alley.. yes & amen!
    oh, to give it all to Him and live in surrender that He’s working all things for my good.
    i think my word/ phrase for this year is “free within!”
    so much talk of freedom and what it is and means..
    and i think it’s a lot of what you were talking about. that rest.
    how i want to live in such abandon and freedom, knowing that in the deepest
    parts of me there is trust and calm and security in a God sovereign.

    this is a good conversation. :)) thanks for sharing~ and getting the rest of us too.


    1. I’d love to hear more about this freedom and hash it out more with you. It’s such a BIG topic and trickles down to all areas of life. For sure! What if we truly lived our lives in the freedom God offers to us; might we would be complexly different people? So long insecurities. So long holding ourselves back or pushing defensively through. There is so much more that this little lousy reply comment is missing! — It’s a life changing word. Hello 2015!
      Good word! (did i say i like this word? :))


    1. I saw your blog post title and it caught my eye. Couldn’t wait to read it. Why is it we finally realize we need rest only after we’re exhausted?! Wishing lots of restful moments for you in 2015! ๐Ÿ˜‰


  6. Rest sounds wonderful. And so inviting. I don’t pick out a word or phrase, because 1. I would probably totally end up focusing on the wrong thing, 2. I would most likely forget about it 2 weeks into the year, and 3. God usually makes it clear to me what I need to pay attention too.

    So my word or phrase often shows up later. Last year it was definitely “embrace hard” (hard being a noun). It was a year of, among many other things, learning to not run away from hard events or circumstances.

    I shall let you know when I sense God bringing a new lesson or focus to my life. At this point it’s still feeling like I have some learning to do yet on the “Embrace hard” lessons.

    I’m kinda hoping “rest” might be on the agenda. ๐Ÿ˜‰


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