When Being {big} No Longer Fits

Smallness is not something to run from. And I have been caught running. I’m familiar with a loud, busy, chaotic life. Maybe growing up with 6 brothers and a dad gone days at a time attributes to that. After moving away and then getting married my life instantly got quiet. There was no drama. No noise. Nowhere to go in this small, one blinking light town. Oh, how I missed it. I was often board, lonely and insecure — like a fish out of water. Because of the absence of noise, I’m pretty sure I created it for my undeserving new groom. He’s weathered a lot over our 5 short years of matrimony. A while back, I pinned on Pinterest a pin that abruptly captured my attention, so contrary to the days of yore of which was accustomed. e352384dc44ab02357ccdc67e00d170b What a good reminder. Calmness is ok. Reading this seemed to give permission to have a calm, chillaxed and untroubled life. Sometimes in our uncharted waters we need lifelines saying ‘it’s ok. It’s ok where you’re at.’ We don’t always have to be planning, going, making, talking, doing, working harder. It’s ok to be calm. Still. Rest.

In case you missed my previous post, I had chosen a phrase for 2015 — Resting in a God I trust. 

Or concisely -> r e s t.

In my desire to be something great, big, more awesome I will choose to be ok with my smallness. My calm life. To rest in God’s mystery. Absorb the silences. Move through the routines of my day with an eye for gratitude in my little, small life.

It’s ok for you to be small, too. 

As the quote at the top of my blog says it much better than me —

“We were not built for big. We were built to reflect the glory of the God who is BIG.” Lisa-Jo Baker

Happy Ordinary Tuesday!


8 thoughts on “When Being {big} No Longer Fits

  1. Well said Jolynn. This is a focus I am hoping to embrace completely in my life. My granddaughter’s dog reminded me this morning how important it is to be happy in a small space/situation/life. She was absorbing the sunshine in a tiny spot on the floor- though she is not tiny. 🙂


    1. Thank you, Amy. I am guilty so many times of taking care of myself, my life, my little world. Taking time to rest in/with God might help me depend on Him more… Hope you get moments of rest in 2015 as well!


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