A New Song Arises

another season

Today it feels like three seasons all at once.

It’s January (so, knowingly winter)
It’s 75 degrees and the sun is hot (feels like summer)
We are raking leaves (hello, fall?)

Only in Texas…..


While the weather is quite agreeable with me, I am outside typing as I watch my little dude bounce around with a ball and a stick in the backyard. The birds are singing. The Gavinator is singing. Chief, the dog is chewing on Gavin’s balls. Not singing. No comment about the chewing right now. Just know that it’s a sore spot, yea, for all the humans in our brick dwelling.

My soul sings too in the anticipation of Spring. This weather is a teaser right now. I believe by the end of the week it’s to be winter kinda cold January once again… only in Texas.

How wonderful it is that our creator designed seasons. Nothing stays the same forever. We don’t live in Narnia – where it is always winter {sounds completely dreadful}. So, take heart my Northern family and friends! The snow will melt someday… yes. someday.

There is something beautiful about change. In its hardness and lack of welcome, it is a thing of beauty. I don’t always look forward to change, especially if I know it’s going to be painful or difficult. Therefore it seems anything but beautiful. Other change I look forward to with anticipation. There are times when I’m just so ready for the next thing – kinda change. It’s easier to imagine beauty in anticipated and desired change.

In this latest season of my life I’ve been serenaded into a room which opens into a dark and apprehensive space. Stepping just in inch in this room, I dust off one or two seldom used pages of lyrics, words, and practice their old familiar tune. I practice giving this song life again.

The Bible says sing to the Lord a new song, Psalm 96. And so I shall. A song of repentance. Instead of stuffing that song under the bed, sleeping it off, avoiding it. I want to learn to welcome its diverted tune and memorize it. The beauty of change, of repentance, is a greeted season, albeit with lingering apprehension no less. It’s not a happy, all pie in the sky kinda dance but a remorseful dance. It’s a needed dance. One that brings fulfillment and meaning. And because this songs been neglected it’s a new song.

It once was sung and long since forgotten. This season reappears, comes full circle and I want to linger in it.

This song in which the lyrics shake free with a slow puff of breath, the dust scampers from the sheets of music in this dark room. The soft hum rises, quivery in the first few bars. The lyrics come back. Happenstance would have it that this shift in season kindles life. Brightening eyes. Owning transgression. Owning a song of repentance.
A dare to change.
Courage to change.
There is beauty in change.

The beauty comes as the light slowly dawns and begins to flood the space with light. Flood this space with beautiful voice. One small breath at a time. One small utterance. Harmonious with remorse. Oh, sweet hymn of a new, yet old melody.

Sing to the Lord a new song. A song of repentance.

Can you hear the new song arising?
Can you hear the soloist?
Are the vocals yours?
Are they mine?
Another season.
A new song.


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