Blog Designation Proclamation (because I’ve done it all and I think I’ve found my niche)

She ordered a coffee drink with her delectable looking cafe wrap. Not knowing what to order for the first time at this adorable little nook, I copied. Even though that morning I’ve had 2 cups of coffee earlier. More caffeine, I worried. I should have just purchased a water instead. Feeling the caffeine shakes and mental buzz, I steadied my hands, pressed a smile to my friend and moved towards our seats.

Has anybody else done that? Followed somebody else, afraid to be yourself even at the extent of a cost? I’ve done that so many times and suffered the consequences. I know what I want but settle for trying to be exactly like somebody else for fear of being rejected. Fear that little ‘me’ isn’t cool.

This silly (yet, familiar) little illustration explains my blog somewhat. I’ve experimented on my blog with every type of blog style possible from crafts, to WIWW, to food, to faith, to journaling our life and pictures.
Yes, I’ve done it all.
Which leaves me puzzling- Am I afraid to blog like Jolynn? Well, maybe? Maybe though, I was trying to find my niche in the process? Maybe in order for my writing to arrive where I it is today, I had to try all those different style hats? And my consequences are sheer embarrassment. Everybody has to start somewhere… right?

So many blogs. So much comparison. So many ideas. So many examples of what I want my blog to be like and what not to be like.

So it is with trepidation that I approach my blog today and write. In fact, sometimes reading other blogs leave me feeling desperate to shut mine down because I’m not ‘good enough‘ and I feel like I have nothing ‘different‘ or ‘cool’ to offer. Who cares what Jolynn has to say, anyway? I mumble to no one in particular.

Yet, the part of me that likes to create with words, recants pushing back giving in, giving up and shutting down.

There is so much to discover in the field of writing. I can keep practicing my sport and studying other writers instead of letting them condemn my talent or letting them ‘boo’ me off the field. Deciding to learn from instead of run from, I hold my gym bag of talents with fierce determination.  In coming to this conclusion, I have come up with a purpose for thenwedanced. Stay with me now… therefore, I am defining my Designation Proclamation for my blog.

designation proclamation

My reasoning in my Designation Proclamation is based on what I want when I read other blogs. Fully assuming, of course, some of y’all out there in blog-land reading this are like me.  Some of the blogs I occasionally read don’t leave me feelings connected or encouraged or warning to come back. And the take-aways are they have it all figured out, or that works for them- not me, or they amazingly have all the answers I could possibly need thus leaving me feeling like a pip-squeak on my sofa with messy hair, bad breath and dishes piled a mile high in the sink.

My blog, humble, stumbling little thing that it is, trying to find its purpose, I’m afraid it might have left you with these feelings at one point or anther. That is my fear. I {really} don’t want to be intimidating or have all the answers and tell you what you need to do. So with my sincerest apologies, I am sorry if I left you feeling any of those afore-mentioned feeling after reading words here. That is not my intent for this space.

So, my dream for thenwedanced, (because I think I found my niche) is to be something that I would want to read. I designate this space for God to fulfill his voice in me here – using me to ultimately bring him full glory. Maybe that and some silliness. Because who can’t use a little humor every now and then?

Starting now, recycling the old and converting it into something new. Something new with,
Fresh air.
White space.
And a little crazy.


My hope and my goal here is to encourage my readers – you. To come along beside you and share with you. I’m not saying I won’t blog about food, clothes, or family trips anymore. I’m giving my blog a purpose and I hope to give space to think and ponder and go away inspired and itching to know God more. Or at bare minimum, make you laugh or cheer on in your dance because dancing {with life} is not always easy.

Not bossy. Not full of answers. Not loud. Just a safe place to hang out at once a week or so.

That’s my goal for twenty-fifteen.

Here are my favorite bloggers right now (kinda of my role models)

Emily Freeman
Lysa TerKeurst
Ann Voskamp
Shauna Niequist
Christine Cain (<<not a blogger, just a really cool Christian female leader) 🙂 🙂


And that’s all!
Stay close to see what you’ll read next here at thenwedanced!


19 thoughts on “Blog Designation Proclamation (because I’ve done it all and I think I’ve found my niche)

    1. After posting this I thought, “Goals in February?” Oh, well. There’s no rules that goals are only allowed January 1! 🙂
      And, my blog will probably be the same-ish. Just hopefully more intentional with my content 🙂


  1. I think all bloggers face the temptation to constantly compare…and I had to smile when you said how you face times when just wanting to stop because of feeling like you can’t be like someone else or good enough or offer enough. I face those feelings too somedays, but push through it because I believe blogging and online presence can be a real + positive influence in today’s world. You DO have something to offer, and don’t let anyone or anything convince you otherwise.
    Cheers + love to you and your blog, Jolynn!


  2. I understand the feeling. Lisa Jo Baker wrote something a long time ago called “Does Blogging Make You Feel Small?” and I have never forgotten it. When I start getting into the comparison trap I just try to put my virtual blinders on and focus on my little group of friends and community and remember that I am not here to compete. It sounds like you have been given a new vision that I can see working very well for you. Best wishes for this next part of the journey!


    1. I found her quote, loved it and that I put on the top of my blog. I still have her on my ‘to read’ book list! (which is getting longer…)
      It’s good to know that I’m not the only one who struggles with blogging comparison/competition.
      Thanks so much for commenting! You’re so encouraging!


  3. Can’t wait until next week! I think of my blog as the magazine I’ve always wanted to be publisher of, a little of this and a little of that and a whole bunch of encouragement. Oh yes, and short posts, I cannot abide lonnnnnnng blog posts!


  4. I love this!! I feel like I am presently going through this exact same process, only instead of being at the end like you are, I am still stuck somewhere in the embarrassing middle ground of fumbling around and trying to feel out exactly what I want my blog to be, or more importantly, what God wants it to be. I wish you all the best in this journey!!! You’re doing a great job.


  5. I like what you said about realizing what you’ve been through up till now with your blog was necessary to bring you to this point. So much wisdom in that thought– seeing all in our past as holding purpose. As crazy or embarrassing as some of it may be, we wouldn’t be who we are were it not for all those things behind.

    I say just move ahead in freedom and blog for YOU! Pray. Ask The Lord to lead you what to say, He will! :)) Your voice matters. Truly! And He is using you.


    1. Thanks, Amber! You’re right. Somehow all of it, this journey in writing was necessary for destination and growth along the way! I love your blog! Pretty pictures! Deep heart and spiritually challenging! Thanks for your virtual friendship! 😊


  6. Love this proclamation! I think I am always changing as a person/blogger so my blog is always changing. I maintain two blogs.. b/c I can’t seem to merge one with the other?! Long Letter Memoir, more personal, family feel, recipes, but also more transparent.. b/c it is about me, my journey, what I am learning. More a place for friends/family who care about my life, the details of it. (thought I always love comments, I feel no pressure here)

    Then Divine Moments sprung out of my adoption blog… and I feel it is my ministry. To encourage others in their faith journeys and connect them to tangible ways to “make a difference” I do want to connect and I do want comments. I care about the growth, the community and want others to join in and be a part. When that doesn’t happen, and you feel like no one cares, it can be hard. You can feel inadequate. My friend spoke truth to me as I shared my blogging woes and it was so eye opening: “Something I’ve been thinking on the past month is that the myth is scarcity but the reality is abundance. There is enough room for all of our stories and all of our posts and all of our books. We don’t have to worry that there aren’t enough readers or fans to go around.”

    Wow, this is the longest comment ever. Just wanted to share. Good thought provoking post!


    1. You sound so organized with two blogs. I love that you care about growth and community. So awesome! That quote is a good one! I need to remember that even if there is nothing new under the sun doesn’t mean that the words I have to say won’t touch somebody. That helps me deal with my inadequacies to a certain degree.


  7. This is good. I love seeing people learn to embrace who they are instead of always comparing themselves and striving to be like everyone else. I think we are only able to truly become who God made us to be when we accept our individuality and work on refining it, rather than copying others.

    The list of role model’s you mentioned is right on. I find a lot of encouragement and inspiration from each one — they are all so strong and all so very different.


  8. Blogging is a lot unique platform, and an awesome opportunity. I feel passionately that this calling to write is actually about God, and encouraging others to press in and find him in every moment of their lives. It comes at a cost- that of our being real and honest and vulnerable. Not easy, but it will always be worth the investment.

    There is pressure: pressure to perform, to crank out blogs, to be as good as the next blogger. But I’ve been discovering that if our eyes are set on bringing others to Christ instead of ourselves, others writings instead of posing a threat to ours, actually bear us up where we are weak.

    And oh, the glories of reading other inspired writing and feeling that burning to go write as well. I’m amazed how vastly different writing styles can inspire me!


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