What To Do About Priorities

There are certain things in our life that we need to do in order to stay alive.

I’m not talking about drinking coffee, though for some of you it might be just that! — but, eating food, drinking (h2o) and sleep.

Then there are the things that we like to do that help us function at a healthy capacity. Like, get exercise, take our vitamins, brush our teeth, put on deodorant and read our Bible.

In between, we have other things that we like to do or just plain enjoy. They are not necessary to survival but they keep us happy. You know what I’m talking about, hanging out with friends, checking Facebook, texting, maybe writing and reading or watching movies and don’t forget — shopping. 🙂

Today after lunch as I swallowed my vitamins, I wondered, why is it that we get our priorities so easily out of order? Normally I take my vitamins in the morning at breakfast. With a life of distraction, it got checked off the list at lunch.

When it comes to not reading my Bible each morning but defiantly acquiring time for Facebook I’m contemplating hiring a schedule manager for my brain fog.  For more evidence, I can run all morning long with smelly coffee breath, in my pi’s and messy hair and of course, take time to feed the dog but there is no room for 5 minutes in my morning push and pull to sit and read my bible or just simply go brush my teeth. Can somebody organize my schedule better for me, please!?

Priorities. Oh, how the list of things we ought to do each day seem to get tossed in the popcorn machine and pOp out who-knows-when.

Last Friday I had my devotions after lunch and after Gavin was in his little crib, sacked out. (I prefer to have my God-time first thing in the morning.) It struck me as I gulped down those vitamins today that maybe the order doesn’t matter as much as the fact that it actually happens.

I read my bible today.

It happened.


And that, dear readers is good. It is good and it doesn’t matter when.

So don’t hold the stick of failure over your head today for not measuring up to your expectations each day. If you still haven’t accomplished those things today that you feel should have happened a couple hours ago, it’s ok. I just might happen yet.


Maybe it won’t even happen today. I’ve gone complete days with out reading my Bible and without deodorant. I’ve gone an entire day without remembering to take my vitamins too. It’s not something I want everybody to know about me, especially on days I’m deodorant-less. My poor health and spiritual health may digress but it’s not the end of the world even at the end of the day. As you lay your head on your pillow, choose not to shame yourself for it. Your intentions are good.

My little toddler knows what he wants. He goes after it and gets it. It’s just that easy.

like a boss

How about you?
Do you shame yourself when you miss a day (or two or three) of Bible reading?
Do you get disgusted when you for get your vitamins or even your kids one morning?

Is there an area in you life where you fee like you should be something but not taking time for it? What stands between you and getting in done?
We are human with good intentions.
We are imperfect beings making imperfect progress.
We can choose to accept fallible ourselves.

And it’s ok.


4 thoughts on “What To Do About Priorities

  1. Giving ourselves a bit of a grace goes a long way… My fail lately is not getting my thankfuls, my gifts written down. I like my structure in my day, but I am easily sidetracked like you said. It is a bit against my grain to “go with the flow” but I am trying to do better. Thanks for the encouragement!


  2. How true! I feel like I have gotten so much better at not feeling guilty about every little thing… especially with my time with God. I used to think devotions looked different than how I do it. You need to sit quietly for 15 minutes, pray for 15 minutes, read a chapter..blah blah blah.. you get the idea. 🙂 But now I love to catch small moments throughout my day to just “breathe in God” To be able to worship Him in all these small moments, to feel Him all thru your day, not just the structured time.. I LOVE IT! 🙂 I should clarify though, I need the quiet moments with Him.. but it helps me feel connected even when one of my precious gifts interupts “my time” and I feel like I didn’t do what a good Christian does. Lets lose the guilt!! 🙂 God is not a Father of condemnation!!


    1. Thanks for your comment, Rhonda! We are all on a journey and discovering that what matters most to God is our hearts and hearing from is is why he’s passionate about more then our works. I think it’s time we lose the ‘good little Christian girl’ mentality and walk in truth not a model of attaining perfection because we fail so many times! It’s about knowing God not looking right or getting it right. Blessing to you on your journey!


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