A Wish For Your Weekend

treat us nice

It’s Friday. Woo-hoo! We’ve made it through another week! I don’t know about you but the sun is shinning, it’s in the 50’s and the promise of warmer weather to come is enough to whip out my sandals and toe nail polish!

Today Gavin had a cute, sweet little friend over and it was fun watching them interact. Gavin, an only child, and her the youngest of 3, was not used to fending for himself. Sometimes they played coexisting beside each other. Sometimes his jealousy got the best of him and he grabbed her toys to which she screamed. Other times she took a toy from him or pushed him out of her way as he curiously stared at her. I couldn’t help but rationalize, there are mean people everywhere. We can’t assume that others are going to treat us nice or how we like. 

Maybe I’m going over board. I have a tendency to be to, to, too thinky. As mom used to say, “Jolynn, you think too much.” But, I’m learning to embrace who I am and not misplace myself as wrong or try to stop the bothersome thinking. Through the years I’ve met some really neat people who, like me, think too much. I take solace in the fact that I am not alone.

So, as you go into your weekend, remember that it’s not helpful to expect others to treat us as we prefer. May you offer grace to those that fail to meet our expectations and may we move to love in-spite of our desires to turn and run.

Happy weekending!


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