I have this friend who happens to be great at picking out gorgeous clothes for people. I discovered this once while shopping with her when she whipped out a bright green simple tunic and said, “I’d bet you look great in this!”

Her spontaneous, out of the blue, shear belief in her words that I’d look great sucked me in and I wanted to hear more of what she thought I’d look great in. Because honestly, her fashion suggestion, no matter how confidently spoken, still took be for a loop for two reasons.
1. I had never considered a solid longish shirt before, and
2. I had never thought to buy something so plain and simple.
My fashion 6th sense was on the look out for what I thought was ‘cool’ – textured fabrics, lace, rosettes, strips, chevron, pockets etc. You get the picture.

This green tunic piece looked, well, boring. Because I trust my friend’s opinion, I wanted to hear more from her about what she thought was my style. That off-handed comment never left me. I was afraid to believe her fashion advise but at the same time I had a feeling she really knew. I sensed she really know what looks great on people. Like it was her gift. (She already was one of those friends that speaks life to me and is so good at reading and understanding people. I love being around her.)

Therefore, naturally her words started a vortex of over thinking on my part about what clothe I do pick out for myself and the idea that I don’t even know what I really do look good in?  When I buy clothes, I just buy what I think looks nice or what I’m comfortable wearing or sometimes what others are wearing. I don’t think much about what looks good on me based on my personality or how others perceive me. Do you?

Not long ago I was shopping for a new dress for my brothers wedding. I ended up coming home with a great outfit for Gavin that I thought he looked so stinkin’ hot in and a dress for me I wasn’t sold on yet. Why is it that Gavin is so much easier to shop for? That day I owned the fact that I disliked shopping for myself.

If you’re like me, you want to look nice and style does matters. I prefer approachable clothes. Happy clothes. Clothes that I feel comfortable in, not bold, so in, statement combinations that intimidate and I can’t relax or be myself in. On the other hand, I can get stuck in what I feel is safe and just buy the same old navy blues, grays and pinks and solids that are easy and simple.

The dress I bought for the wedding was just that. A simple navy blue dress. I ended up keeping it after I found a bright blueish sweater that looks great as a color block combo.

(can you find me in this grainy pic from Jevin’s wedding?- he hee)

Not long ago this fashion friend of mine sent me a link to a beauty profiling course which I soaked up right away. I’m a softie for personality quizzes – though this is not a quiz. You can check it out here if you’re interested in dressing your nature, or obsessed with personality profiling like me! It’s not as extensive as Myers Briggs in which she only has 4 types and they’re based on the four types of nature: air (type 1), water (type 2), fire (type 3), earth (type 4). Yup, you’re individual human nature is naturally one of those four!

After you figure out your type, you’ll discover (if you buy the course) what clothes look great on you according to your ‘nature.’ Your nature gets depicted down to personality, face shape, hair, and skin texture and so on. Do you ever imagine what your whole presence and energy people feel from you is like with the clothes you have on? Based on you and your nature, some people just don’t look good in certain designs or shirts or certain colors.JJ_CSMUCKER-3427

Because of that reasoning, it makes sense to me that I don’t look ‘great’ in this shirt that I wore for our last family picture. It doesn’t look bad but it doesn’t look ‘wow’ either. It’s too muted or soft for me with my big round eyes, big forehead, and big smile. Peach is soft. I’m loud. Random. Crazy. Brighter.

This shirt is not letting the real me come out!

Needless to say, stingy me didn’t buy the course but I’m assuming by her videos what would look great on me and peach is not one of my colors. Neither is black. Who doesn’t have several black staple pieces in their closet, right? ‘Air’ or type 1’s look cuter in navy blue or chocolate-brown for their dark color. Bright, animated, light, fun clothes polka dots or printed owl designs or movement moving upwards is more type 1. They are  random, disconnected, flamboyant, full of ideas kind of people (<<<yes! to the ideas. It overwhelms my husband sometimes) The founder describes the as ‘breath of fresh air’ people and sometimes the life of the party. (though I’m certainly not the life of the party. crowds quiet me…)

Going on the assumptions I gathered from the free on-line videos, shopping at target for maternity clothes as super easy. I knew what to look for. I didn’t have to stress much about “Would this look good on me?” or “Is this only a winter print?” I didn’t even struggle over which t-shirt to get of the 6 varieties so perfectly laid out on display! Baaahhaaaaaa!

In the end I bought nothing. Partly because nothing fit my new found ‘nature’ and partly because 20% off still wasn’t that much off (not thanks to Cartwheel) and partly because I hate maternity shopping AND because I have my second Stitch Fix box coming in a week which I am eagerly and nervously awaiting. (my first box I sent everything back)

Do I still wear black? Yes. I’m not going to get rid of all my wardrobe that isn’t my color. I need clothes to wear and don’t have the money to do a closet makeover! I know you don’t either! Over time some of those things will probably be the first to go out the door. I have thought about it now since reading and watching all her videos explaining her nature profiling system that I haven’t worn my black skirt in a super long time. Even though it’s one of those maxi, fold-over-tops from Old Navy and super comfy, I don’t gravitate towards black. I naturally pick brighter or happier colors. And brighter, lighter colors are my nature.

I found this picture on Pinterest and saved it to my phone. You can sorta see the difference in the 4 types. But none of this will make any sense unless you watch the videos.

Do you hate shopping for clothes for yourself? Would you rather go with someone and have their input before buying something?
Or, do you know what you like and found your niche when it comes to clothe?
Maybe you learned what looks good on you by what other people compliment about your clothes?

Challenge: Go into your closets and dressers and pull out your favorite 3 pieces you love to wear. Then dig to the bottom of the drawer for the 3 things you hardly ever wear. What is it that all your 3 favs have in common?

Notice and learn what you like. They probably look great on you and are your colors. Compare they 3 favs with your 3 pieces you hardly ever wear. This might help you buy what looks good on you and what you naturally like versus what’s in style.

DISCLAIMER: Anyway, I discovered this a couple of months ago so all this info is still relatively new for me. I hope you don’t get the impression that I’m some sort of authority or expert on this stuff. I didn’t buy her online membership so I’m probably missing a lot on how to dress your nature. But if this is at all something you’re interested in, watch her videos and see for yourself what she has to say.

I think she makes a good point about your clothes effecting your mood and self-worth. It really does.  That said, I believe your ultimate self-worth is rooted and grounded in Jesus Christ and in Him alone. In Christ alone is where our real security lies and it’s not in the clothes we wear. Dressing your Nature every day will not make you happy(ier) or suddenly a transformed person who is totally in love with themselves and how they look.

Only Jesus can set you free and give you rest and it’s through Him that real LIFE is found. For woman we long to look pretty and attractive. God created us that way and we all are uniquely beautiful. The thing I found that I liked about this course was that it gave me permission to shop more intentionally and (hopefully) make better clothing choices in the future.


4 thoughts on “Clothes

  1. you have definitely peaked my interest here. I’m with you on the peach for you. It’s a beautiful color but not yours. (You have more “noise” than that.) :0 I love you the way you are! The way God made you to compliment Jay and the rest of the family.


  2. I like shopping for clothes, but I am frugal. I just don’t like the idea of being a “type” when it comes to clothing — it is a bit to me like trying to choose just one genre of music to love or just one style of writing I love to read. I think my clothes reflect different parts of “me”. Somedays, I tend to dress causal and comfy, other days a little more fun (my polka dotted pants I love) Other days I feel a vintage vibe so I go with that.


    1. You probably wouldn’t do the whole capsule wardrobe thing then – lol! I know what you’re saying about clothing fitting your mood. It sounds like you like your clothes and wear different styles! That’s great!


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