Personal Fashion Observations

  I feel like I’m still discovering what I like when it comes to clothe. I like clothes and they matter to me, yet it can be easy for me to buy quick clothes that is cheap and impulsive at thrift stores (sometimes, not always anymore depending which store). After wearing it only a few times, it’s like why did I buy this?! Either it gets stretched funny, or stained easily or has a hole that I didn’t notice at the time of purchase. Sometimes I do make out like a bandit and find some great name brand bargains in perfect condition. My friend Lucy and I have discussed numerous times the worth of buying second-hand versus brand new. It seems to us like it’s probably worth it more in the long run to buy brand new then $7 here and $8 there that only get sent back to Goodwill two months later for reasons mentioned already or the it just wasn’t ‘me’ after effect. If you buy it brand new it will last. The only limitation with that is a slower rotation of clothes. After doing the Dressing Your Truth/Nature course I feel as though I learned what looks good on me. Like I feel like I have a better grip on how to shop for myself by choosing items that fit my nature and therefore am eager to hit some thrift stores soon.   Since taking that on-line course, I’m obsessed with this new idea. The past month has been a tornado of on-line videos and scrutinizing my face in the bathroom mirror, staring and analyzing faces in public and even Facebook friends profile pictures, to be creepy honest… To say I am obsessed with understanding the DYT course — might be underrated. Literally, I have been thinking about this so much lately especially when I get dressed in the morning and go shopping. Allow me to explain the obsession part a little. Red is not supposed to be my color (according to Dressing your Truth, DYT) but I have a red shirt that I still wear. After I pull it over my head in the morning and I walk past the mirror, I look at myself and wonder “is this me?” And whether it is or not or if I can honestly answer the question, I plow past the new >loud< voice jabbing at me declaring it is too bold, so not me, and tell myself that, “Missy, you are wearing red today! The end.” I still wear red. It is interesting to note though how certain clothes, styles, textures and colors makes you feel when they are on you (something learned from the course). If you look at your closet and pull out your fav 3 pieces and your worst 3 pieces; note what it is that makes them your favorite or why you hardly ever wear the least fav. 1. Is it the colors/print? 2. Length? 3. Neck line type? 4. Texture of fabric? 5. Style? After studying and analyzing my bed with clothes in two piles, I could see what I liked versus disliked. It’s interesting and fun to do! What you discover is tips to keep in mind when shopping in the future. I probably won’t buy much red-red in the future. Err… actually, I can’t even remember the last time I actually bought red. The red shirt I just mentioned was a freebie. So, you know you’d wear it too! 😉 I used to think is was because I labeled myself as a ‘winter’ and red-red is like a winter color. (Think Christmas) But, red-red is a heavy color to wear. It’s more bold than a coral-red or a pink-red. And my personality is not very heavy or bold. I might be described more as random and spontaneous – lighter colors. One day I put on a white and light-blue striped shirt and some khakis and felt so fresh and energized that day. Like, really! So, I know clothes really plays into how I feel. And, even how I feel about myself. That combination that day made me feel happy and alive and I liked that. To offer a rebuttal, I cannot honestly report how I do actually feel when I put the red-red shirt on because by now I’m so trained to just wear the darn shirt whether it’s my color or not that I really have no clue how it affects my mood. To me that shirt is a mind-over-matter issue. So, I’m not a firm convert of DYT in the extent that I can ONLY wear certain colors that are my nature. Like I said about my red shirt. I still wear it. And I think that it’s practical. You have to be practical. I have the shirt. I like the shirt. Hence, I wear the shirt. Will I buy red tomorrow? Probably not. Am I getting rid of all the clothes that aren’t my nature? No. I don’t have the money to do that. But, slowly, over time it will most likely disappear.   I think I’ll never forget what I learned that makes my personal clothes shopping a whole lot easier. Since I’m a self prescribed Type 1 (Air), I depicted what colors and cuts look great on me.  I can go to target and not stress over what to buy because just by glancing I can see if the colors displayed are ‘me’ or not. I like that I can be OK with liking different colors and styles but not feel pressured to buy them for myself. Which leads me to my next thought. Just because I like a certain style does not mean I have to buy it. Example: Aztec style. I’ve admired this trend ever since it came out but haven’t been brave enough or I can’t settle on which print I like best or have I found something in my willing price range to add this style to my wardrobe. I really like it though. It might look fabulous on you. Which gives me consolation to saving my pennies over the matter; because what might look good on you, might not look good on me. Capeesh? And so, I can appreciate certain styles and be OK with the fact that I don’t have to buy everything I like. I can admire them on the hanger at the store or on you. Just because I like it or its ‘in’ right now doesn’t mean it has to be ‘in’ my closet! You might already have noticed this in your own shopping and dressing room experiences. A style or cut you like just doesn’t fit you all that well. It’s ok to admit it’s not ‘you’ and continue to admire it on others. I can get hung up on what’s popular and in style and feel like I have to wear that too. Like, with the Aztec thing, I keep thinking in the back of my mind I’ll someday find one I like. But I need to stop that thinking. It’s not me. I’m sure none of you are that way.   Finding what looks good on you is a good feeling. You’ll feel good about yourself. After a couple of compliments you’ll know you’ve found something suited for you and are on the right track. I don’t always know where to shop for clothes – new or second-hand. The battle is real, folks. But, finding out what looks good on me doesn’t mean I have to over-haul my closet post-haste. It’s ok to give time and patience to clothes that are you. Enjoy the shopping process and most importantly really like what you buy!   If you have any questions about DYT? Let me know in the comments. Or if you’d like to share your experience with the DYT on-line course I’ve love to hear your story! Also, how do you feel about buying second-hand versus brand new? I’d love your comments!

Have a great, fashionable weekend being YOU! {Half-way baby bump!}


12 thoughts on “Personal Fashion Observations

  1. Ha ha This is so me right now!
    I started Sunday two weeks ago, obsessed, looking at everyone in my family and asking “What type are you?” I was torn between two and one, and then I realised we have a secondary type, which was one in my case, which explained why, I had certain clothes but wore them only occasionally. I brought the course, and this week I received my colour chart which I LOVE. My Pinterest has a few new boards, with clothing, hair and makeup!
    For me the biggest “Ah ha!” Moment was when it came to clearing out my closet to start my first “30 days dressing type 2.” I was amazed that about 80% of my wardrobe was already type two, so for my the only struggle was removing the black clothes! I have never been “in fashion” and anything that I had in my wardrobe that was vaguely “in fashion” is because I have two very beautiful daughters who give Mum their rejects before they send them to the second hand shops!
    This experience has been such a relief for me, it gave me an excuse not to buy anything else UNTIL my colour cards arrived, and to make do with what I had left after I purged the closet. My husband loves it, because I sent three huge bags to the second hand shop that were not my type, he even offered to give me money to update which I refused. I have purged clothes, shoes, handbags, makeup, jewellery, everything.
    Typing myself and him and most of our children and now Grandchildren I have a type one and a type two Grandbaby, it explains ALOT why I have decorated it different rooms in different colours.
    I have yet to blog about my experience, so thank you for reminding me, I will reblog your post and then do mine later today!


    1. Ooohh, you bought the course! I hope you really like it and it’s meeting your desires with clothes! That’s awesome! And I love that you’re husband is totally supporting you in this adventure. That is so important! It sounds like you’re enjoying figuring everybody out too! I think once I was able to figure some people out it helped me understand them better and I gave them permission (mentally) to be them. That was huge for me.
      I wish you all the best on your DYT journey! 🙂

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      1. Yes it sure does help to know a persons type. I am also doing the Child Whisperer course, typing my very different grand babies! Type 1 and 4


  2. My personal observation of thrift-store clothing vs. new clothing is that if you can get over the “buy it just because I sort-of like it and it’s cheap” mentality, thrift stores are a much better investment than budget clothing stores. Most budget clothing stores use cheap fabrics, mostly knits, that wear out within a couple years. However, if you only buy thrift-store pieces that you really like, that fit you well, and that are made of a high-quality fabric, it can be a really good investment. What’s more, you won’t find yourself with the same skirt as 3 other ladies in church.

    Of course, the one downside is time. Although those great pieces are out there, it always takes a bit of time to actually locate them among all the ill-fitting slightly-stained pieces.


    1. I’d love to hear more tips on thrifting, Emily! Sometimes thrift stores, in their mode podge variety, can seem over-whelming and I just want to walk out the door. And then I’m sticking wondering, “Is this really cool?” Sometimes I prep myself before walking in the store and determine to think quick and if I’m in doubt about a piece – put it back! Like you, I love it when I find something totally different that doesn’t match 3 other ladies in church too! 🙂


  3. I’m quite enjoying reading your thoughts on this as I’m slowly working through the book. (cheap way :)) and it’s fun to read someone’s experience as they go through this. I’m looking forward to knowing better and I do find it true that as I get older I tend to fall back more on things I love how they look on me verses the latest fad.


    1. Thanks for following along with me as I plunder through and navigate these new waters! What book are you reading? I have yet to hit a library to read any of her books. I think they might fill me in more on her theory. Happy dressing your own truth!


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